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Doland Trump Will Be Brought Back On Twitter, Says Elon Musk

Moving to a more global story this time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now said that if he agrees to a deal to acquire the social media company for $44 billion, he will be the permanent successor of former US President Donald Trump.

Speaking virtually at the Future of the Car Summit hosted by the Financial Times, Musk said that it was a morally poor decision by Twitter to quote a permanent ban on Trump, and foolish in the extreme, that such a ban was a scam. Must be reserved for accounts and automated bots.

I think, it seems, that it was not right to ban Donald Trump, I think, that it was a mistake, because it isolated a large part of the country, and ultimately no voice for Donald Trump Yes, it was not the result. He will not be socially social as a large part.

Kind of right in the United States and so I think. It could clearly be worse than knowing a glance. Where everyone can debate on Elon Musk Sai. Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey was also not a fan of the permanent ban.

Jack Dorsey also took to Twitter and agreed on the matter, meanwhile White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the Biden administration wanted online platforms to protect liberties. Unless they become a platform for publicity, I would say it is a decision of a private sector company.

As for who will be allowed on their platform or not, I would say broadly that our effort is certainly to ensure that freedom of speech is protected across the country, but also that these platforms are not used for misinformation. Forums are not used for formatting.

We have seen its history not only on Twitter but also on Facebook, with Elon Musk criticizing Twitter, content moderation decisions on multiple occasions. What to do Trump’s Twitter account was banned in January.

y 2021 US Capitol Trump previously said in a quote-without-quote of violence following the January 6 uprising, that he had no intention of rejoining Twitter, and was focusing on his own platform. Huh. Will replace Satya Social, Satya Social has been embroiled in many problems since its launch.


Twitter shares, on the other hand, fell 1.5 percent earlier this year on Tuesday, indicating that Wall Street is still concerned about Elon Musk’s deal.

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