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Elon Musk hits back at suggestions he should have donated billions to charity

Reporter told Elon Musk, I can’t believe it’s not zero, thank God for a second here, some people have talked and said why didn’t you use the money you bought ?

Elon Musk replied sweetly, “We’re good with that money to do something for charity, I do a lot of philanthropy, and really you know my companies are doing good for the future of humanity.” intends, Tesla is trying to accelerate with.

“Sustainable transportation and energy and the advent of SpaceX are providing Internet to the company’s most underserved people around the world.”

The reporter told Elon Musk, also what you have done for Ukraine, Elon Musk said, exactly why we are able to help Ukraine, Starlink terminals and connectivity to them and especially in one of the hardest hit areas Provide something so that you know that I am aspirationally trying to do good for the future of humanity and civilization.

The tech billionaire actually attended the Met Gala where he was asked by a reporter why he didn’t donate $44 billion to charity instead of buying Twitter, his response was that he contributes to the good of humanity as a whole.

The Tesla founder responded that the electric vehicle company’s talk is aimed at accelerating sustainable transportation and energy and SpaceX is certainly providing internet to the under-served people in the world we can remember in February, SpaceX donated Starlink terminals to Ukraine so civilians in the war-torn country would not have access to the Internet.

Russia’s threat to shut it down Elon had joined his mother May Musk at the prestigious event in New York, who persuaded him to participate, where did you get this mentality from where did your son get this I got him the world and the universe And he really didn’t listen like how a man taps so much not listening to his mother.

Elon Musk Said He Wanted My Mom To Come So I Brought My Mom Want to create an inclusive environment.

I’m sure everyone is asking you out and wanting to talk about this big Twitter buy. What can you tell about this? Well going to bring Twitter to Twitter now, says Elon, my goal assuming that everything is done, will be to make Twitter as inclusive as possible and expand Twitter to the country and the rest of the world as widely as possible.

They will find it interesting and amusing and fun and it makes their lives better, Elon Musk is in the limelight today when some of the biggest companies in the United States are under pressure to boycott Twitter, such as Black Lives Matter, Global Network The foundation, Happy Media, is for America to name a few.

Coca-Cola sent a letter to brands including Disney and Kraft, pressuring them to stop advertising on Twitter, saying those organizations are at risk with a platform that increases hate extremist health misinformation and conspiracy theorists.

Elon Musk tweeted back attacking the groups that fund these organizations. who want to control your access to the information.

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