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Elon Musk Explains Why He Bought Twitter: I want to ‘Do Good for Humanity’s Future’

Elon Musk

Elon Musk Explains Why He Bought Twitter: I want to ‘Do Good for Humanity’s Future’, When asked about Twitter, Elon said, “I’m not sure if Twitterboard will accept my offer, maybe it won’t work but after a few days he reached his goal and Elon calculated, played a game of chess and even That these pessimistic words were also part of the plan.

As you all know that initially when Elon made his famous offer, the Twitter board was against the deal, so what happened suddenly this change came out well The details of this story are astonishing because Elon made the offer There were many such processes behind the scenes that many were not aware of.

But it seemed that every day Elon was making a new smart chess-like move that was very calculated and moved him closer and closer to his goal, with the Twitter board not getting too loud, but he did the curtains. Behind him also did a lot of things and his moves have also been very smart Some things that Elon and Twitter’s board did.

They’re so smart and amazing you’d be surprised but in and Elon was a much better player, so to explain everything after Musk bought about a nine percent stake in the company, Elon Musk and Twitter seemed tense, we One can draw a very interesting conclusion from the so-called poison pill that the Twitter board has adopted.

Response to this proposal In a nutshell, this poison pill is a limited-term shareholder rights scheme in which if any one person or entity were to acquire 15 or more common stock of Twitter without the prior approval of the Board, Twitter would be able to hold the remaining shareholders of the company. It all seemed a little suspiciously timely with Elon Musk disclosing his 9 percent stake in the company to quickly buy the remaining stock at a huge discount.

There’s no doubt that Borderlands Twitter really didn’t like the idea of ​​the company buying masks the way Elon planned to support anything vaguely close to a member of the Twitter board, machine learning at Twitter. Elon Musk’s offering had an immediate impact on the company’s culture and its employees, Chowdhary, who will be director of Ethics, Ruman Chowdhary, described a special atmosphere among employees.

All of this was a fairly aggressive move of resistance from Twitter’s board, who wondered how Musk as a CEO would affect his culture and his jobs. Twitter’s side and yet here we are with Elon Musk now buying the entire platform, so whatever happened it’s pretty smart things Musk overcame this resistance.

According to some sources on April 20th Musk filed a securities document proving that he had obtained financing agreements for banks led by Morgan Stanley, collectively worth approximately $46.5 billion, to close these agreements with potential transactions. which is theorized to put some pressure on the Twitter board to reconsider Elon Musk’s offer, also theorized by cfra.

Senior equity analyst Angelo Zino said the board may realize that finding an alternative bid may be difficult to come by since the fall in property prices in recent weeks and months, this means that since Parag Agarwal was appointed Was announced as the new CEO of Twitter and when Musk disclosed his ownership stake.

Since then Twitter stock has almost lost its value. After the deal was announced, although Twitter’s stock rose six percent, leading to an increase in price per share that was slightly shy of Musk’s offer, before Elon made his offer, he continued to criticize the platform. Which has increased the criticism of Twitter further on various social media platforms.

More people were supporting Elon in this effort then the important step was that when Elon became the largest shareholder of Twitter and right after he offered to buy it you see there was a big risk that if Elon Twitter Couldn’t meet his buy target he will sell all his shares and after this criticism and controversies it will be a big hit for the company and its shareholders.

Wouldn’t have looked great if the largest shareholder had gotten rid of their shares and that’s another advantage Elon made because of the situation Elon tweeted that he was moving on and now owns is not trying.

The company created a lot of buzz across social media platforms and put more pressure on the Twitter board. This was a very subtle but genius move by Elon as the board had to make a decision that was best for the shareholders and the company would be the largest shareholder. Getting lost could have been a terrifying look for Twitter.

Brett Taylor, a member of Twitter’s independent board called the deal the best path forward for Twitter shareholders, isn’t the only one celebrating Jack Dorsey, the former Twitter CEO praising Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Said company is owned by Wall Street and advertising model and taking it back is the right first step.

Elon’s goal of creating a platform that is maximally credible and widely inclusive is right so now that Musk owns Twitter, what that means in a statement given a few days ago Elon Musk hoped that the people who were most interested in his More critical, they prefer to stay on Twitter because that’s what free speech means for now.

We don’t know how this will happen. It is not clear whether Agarwal, who took over the role of co-founder Jack Dorsey, became CEO in November or whether Elon Musk will change that Kasturi compared Agarwal to Joseph Stalin and even He has also tweeted in his offer letter. Musk was saying that he had no confidence in the management on Twitter.

We can speculate as to what Elon Musk might do but with the world’s richest man in charge of the world’s most influential social network nothing has been confirmed, the only thing we can be sure of right now is that we Something turns out to be commercially unprecedented and whatever happens next will be in motion in history.


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