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New SpaceX Starship orbital launch update

Today’s episode is still needed We’ve got the latest updates on Starship timeline SpaceX training for first commercial spacewalk Good news and bad news at The Boring Company Another blow for GigaShanghai and Tesla calls it quits in India.

So let’s have SpaceX President and CEO Gwen Shotwell updated the timeline for Starship’s first orbital launch, now saying that the launch pad at Starbase Texas should be ready for the first attempt as June or July allows SpaceX to complete all the necessary testing.

A safe launch of the Starship and Super Heavy Booster however are still factors beyond the control of the company that will inevitably determine their launch timelines such as the environmental assessment bureaucracy is slow at the best of times but this particular case is more complicated.

Because SpaceX is not only trying to get launch certification for a brand new orbital launch pad in Bokuchika Texas, they’re also trying to G and a launch for the largest and most powerful rocket ever designed. License is.

So it was inevitable that CEO Elon Musk had previously predicted that this spring was probably just wishful thinking, though that’s not to say the federal agency isn’t working and progressed just a few days before the FA announced Starbase’s own programmatic environment. Released an update for evaluation which was shown.

that four out of five processes have been completed apparently the FA believes that the evaluation will be completed by the end of this month yes they have been saying this for the last three months but they actually have this time There is some evidence to show that the peas are now being completed successfully.

This does not mean that FAA will issue licenses SpaceX still needs to meet FAA safety requirements to launch Starships and even if the FAA summer window is to hand over launch licenses in time to SpaceX still super heavy boosters and Starships have to complete.

Until then testing is going on briskly but comp no one has yet fitted a booster with a full range of Raptor 2 engines, meaning they have to have a full 33 engine before the vehicle can be safely considered for flight. Several tests will be required with the arrangement.

It’s not impossible, though we’ve seen SpaceX overcome some major design and testing hurdles in a very short period of time. A typically Starship-like rocket might spend a decade in research and development before its first launch took nearly two years on it.

Starship 24 is believed to be on its way to launch candidate completion and after a successful round of Booster 7 tests last week, it looks like another booster is probably very close to testing a full engine array on Booster 8. SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch Update Finally! Test the orbital launch site with all those tests.

For those that still need to be done, it looks like the leaunch date will actually be in June or even July, so even if nothing goes wrong with the test, it’s not impossible except to build the largest rocket ever built. SpaceX has started training for its first spacewalk.

The crew of SpaceX’s future Polariston mission, scheduled for November this year, is set to begin training for the earliest mission, which will include the first commercial spacewalk that will launch four SpaceX civilian astronauts.

An orbit around Earth that would take them to 1400 kilometers in space, the previous altitude record for an orbital crude spacecraft was the Gemini 11 mission in 1966, once in orbit at a distance of 372 kilometers for the crew to conduct several experiments on human health. The trip will take astronauts briefly into the Van Allen Radiation Belt, which will spend five days and the effects of deep space exposure.

Besides the protective shield of Earth’s magnetosphere, this flight will test Starlink’s optical laser-based communications in space for the first time, they’ll also test SpaceX’s new EVA suit with the course of a spacewalk, the new suit reportedly showing. intravascular activity is very similar in

The Y suit, already in use by SpaceX crew, will have better materials to protect against potential debris, an upgraded visor, new seals and joints to aid movement everywhere a fully pressurized spacesuit is very difficult to move.

That’s why the NASA EVA suits and the new SpaceX ones have mechanical additions to help reduce the load on the astronauts and all of this is supported by a tether system that provides air power and communication to the wearer.

So instead of that giant backpack, SpaceX spacewalkers will have an umbilical cord. Training for this mission will reportedly include deep-sea diving tests for all crew members, as well as simulation time in the Dragon capsule simulator.

The two spacewalkers Commanders Jared Isaacman and Scott Potet and their two other crew members Sarah Gillis and Anna Manon have all supported or flown. First Dragon Mission for Isaac Men This would be his second time in command of a commercial mission after a successful voyage H Inspiration Four that was it.

which he filmed the Netflix series about if everything goes according to plan Isaac Mann and the Polaris Program will go on to fly the first crewed launch and landing mission with the new starship, we started Tesla Space because we have unknown and passion for learning

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