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Elon Musk Just Brought Donald Trump Back On Twitter

Elon Musk has struck a billion deal to buy the world’s most powerful political bullhorn, so Musk backs former President Donald Trump on Twitter Will reinstate Trump to permanently ban Twitter.

Which is signing the risk of further stimulation. Violence Trump A potential 2024 presidential candidate said he would return to the newly owned Twitter. Also he would formally introduce his own Truth social app So far Trump has published a post on Truth.

Elon Musk’s free speech on social media is seen as a sign that former President Donald Trump will be welcomed back to Twitter, although former President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter on 8 January 2021.

In a statement Twitter described how Trump’s tweets were received as well as how they were received by Twitter for inciting violence after the January 6 Capitol Hill riots. allowed to stay.

He argued that they ran the risk of inciting more violence. Elon Musk criticized Twitter for banning Trump. He pointed out that a lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast hi-tech as a de facto arbiter of free speech. As it is a feeling.

After Musk repeated reports during a TED talk that Twitter has become the de facto city, Elon Musk said it is important that people have a sense of reality and the belief that they are able to speak freely within the confines of the wall. also said that he felt the suspension was better than the permanent band.

explaining that an important part of free speech was that people you don’t like are still being allowed to say something you don’t like and because they believe that free The speech is a supporter of Musk Trump.

Trump’s Permanent Twitter Ban Will Be Wanted to Lift Elon Musk Has Been Involved in Politics Related to Donald Trump If Elon Musk is to be political he says it will only happen if it benefits his company.

When Musk agreed to join former President Donald Trump’s strategy IC and policy advisory committee as he prepared to take office, many assumed Musk was a Trump supporter or Republican, at least to Elon Musk. Dealing with the President-elect faced huge backlash on social media.

Even at an advisory level only, there is participation. Musk is seen as an endorsement of Trump and his agenda, but what Musk was after was an opportunity to influence the Trump people, in response to which Elon Musk called for the president to be more moderate in advising. needed.

Blind hatred is never the right answer, according to Newsweek. When Elon Musk agrees to work with him after Trump wins the election, Musk explained in a direct message with the Gizmodo Twitter account hoping to impress the president. That the more voices of reason that the president listens to the better, will gain nothing by simply attacking him.

Elon Musk and Donald Trump bond over similar views where it is clear that Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump have publicly aligned as to their view on covet 19.

In May 2020, when Alameda County in California closed due to 19 cases and deaths, Elon Musk defied orders to close the Tesla plant in Fremont, it garnered public support from Trump, who took to Twitter to demand California. Taken by resorting to let musk repopulate your plant this can be done rapidly and safely.

Trump tweeted according to the Washington Post that Musk was on a call with other CEOs and former presidents where the topic was about how to open companies and get people back to work, Elon told The Washington Post.

The president agreed with Musk that there is no significant risk in reopening businesses in factories. What Musk has in common with many Trump supporters and perhaps Trump himself is that he is against the mandate, he does not believe. The government should tell its citizens that they need vaccination.

They should shut down their business or people should obviously wear masks, I would call it forcibly imprisoning people in their homes against all their constitutional rights in my opinion, Musk reportedly said on Tesla calls according to the Daily Beast. Said he and Trump also believe in vaccination during an interview with Time.

Musk said that he and his family were vaccinated with science. Musk has clearly explained that Donald Trump is a big fan of Elon Musk in an interview with cnbc.

Donald said Elon Musk was one of our gr eat talents that had to be protected he is one of our very smart people the then president added and we want to cherish those former president only fans are not.

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