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Twitter Employees Fired by Elon Musk Build Alternative App, Number of Users Grow to 20,000 in Hours

Twitter Employees Fired by Elon Musk Build Alternative App, Number of Users Grow to 20,000 in Hours

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, he fired hundreds of employees and replaced nearly every other rule on the platform with the company. Already 20,000 people have signed up to beta test the new social media platform before it goes public.

Two former Twitter employees, Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown, are currently developing a Twitter-like social media platform, which they are naming “Spill”. Terrell and Brown were part of Twitter’s staff cuts by Elon Musk during a mass firing in November with three-month severance packages.

Both men now claim to have used the severance package from Musk to develop and promote an alternative to the Bird app. Recommended for you March 18 poll: “Peter Obi is laying landmines for me”, said Soludo as Spill app is expected to launch in January Credit: TechCrunch Source: Facebook Two developers continue by saying Spill app will cater to “cultural drivers” and act as a haven for Black Twitter artists.

He added: “The app is a real-time discussion platform that puts culture first and it will launch in January.” What are the plans for Spill Terrell, two former Twitter employees who led Twitter’s global social and editorial operations until they were fired by Elon Musk? Brown, on the other hand, primarily focused on machine learning while working as a product manager lead at Twitter.

Speaking on the new project in an essay, Terrell revealed that the Spill app will use blockchain to compensate users for popular posts and will include a feature called “Tea Parties” where users can meet online or in real time to connect. can be found in time.

Announcing the app, Terrell tweeted: “However, using blockchain to both credit artists and automatically set up a model for us to compensate them. It works incredibly well. ” If he has a speech that becomes popular, we monetize it.”

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