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The SpaceX Starship Factory Is All Set

Spacex Starship Factory

In today’s post we’re getting into the latest space news, including SpaceX Booster 7 damaged in testing at a Starship factory being built at South Texas Rocket Lab, Virginia to launch a Hawkeye 360 ​​satellite ahead of Chinese startup Deep Blue Aerospace. Get funding for their reusable rockets and American.

The government’s plan to nuclear the Moon is a lot this week so let’s go this is the space race we’re seeing as the early results of SpaceX stress testing their Booster 7 prototypes and they’re very interesting some pictures that show a originated from a SpaceX employee.

Booster 7 circulating through the discord shows a very rough interior of the tank, the damage stemmed from last week’s test, which was subjected to pressure and cryogenic proofing of the B7, apparently it didn’t take stress as well as it did outside But be very sad in front of any of us we should remember a few things first this is literally the test for Booster 7 which was the first of its type B.

Used to mount the new Raptor 2 engines, so SpaceX really needs to put that new design through its paces to see where structural defects might be, whether it’s really good or bad. Not a bad result, it’s just something that needs to be checked on the other Booster 8 stacking.

It already has its liquid oxygen storage tank running and the last segment was loaded last week, it had the pieces of Booster 9 coming together, so there are at least two more launch candidates in the works and not to forget at the end The real limiting factor should that getting an orbital flight test in May, like Elon predicted, is the FA’s environmental assessment of the new pad.

Until then SpaceX has nothing but time to test it out on a SpaceX theme, we’re getting photos of the new Starship Factory. Currently the Starbase production facility in South Texas is housed in these large tents, they call them spring structures, and they are working pretty well so far.

Elon Musk Company and there’s no way they weren’t going to build a really big factory at some point and so it’s not surprising that we’re starting to see big steel beams and columns being installed on foundations that The structure work for large steel buildings that were installed years ago progresses rapidly and so we already have a vague idea of ​​the size.

Some documents for a similar facility proposed in Florida give us a better idea of ​​the overall size, with Teslarati reporting that SpaceX aims to replace all of Starbase’s tents with a 300 000 square foot building that is about 60 feet tall and potentially Measuring approximately 800 feet tall and 400 feet wide, the starbase tents are roughly the same height.

Their pitched roofs meant that only a fraction of that height could be used for ring work and only a fraction of the floor space for tall nose work. Which could mean that the production facility would be restricted.

Check Video;_

With more classes to work on just the standard five ring starship design instead of a special one, but it’s still too early to tell if they’re going to add another floor on top of the current structure, so we’ll have our eyes on it. Will keep it open And let me tell you, and that brings us back to SpaceX.

Which builds its own version of NASA’s famed Vehicle Assembly Building just for Starship production, which accompanies other major work being done on the Starship infrastructure, we’re very excited to see what kind of production equipment and processes how fast will this new feature be used,
How do you think SpaceX will be able to stack new Starship vehicles?

When this monstrosity is done let us know in the comments below that China is really starting to get into the commercial space race Dark Blue Aerospace is one of several Chinese launch startups just reported that they have raised funding. have acquired another round that will allow them to further develop their Thunder Engine, a reusable Nebula rocket.

Last year the additive manufacturing process for both enabled Deep Blue 10 and 100 meter vertical takeoff and landing test launches and they are now working towards a kilometer high test with their Nebula M rocket and 20 ton thrust Thunder 20 engine. Which is very good news more people are getting into not only rockets but also reusable rockets.

Not only is there going to be better technology down the road, but it’s not just dark blue aerospace that is getting financial approval. 37 rocket startups were funded last year and things are moving up for example 2022 company The scenario is currently being prepared in China’s first private.

Funded liquid-fueled rocket launch effort Beijing is busy preparing its Dashin district as an industrial hub for commercial aerospace and the city of Guangzhou is setting up a large industrial-based project to aid space production in its Nansha district. So that clearly things are heating up.

China-based startup company Rocket Lab has signed a deal to conduct its first Virginia-based launch for Hawkeye 360, carrying the company’s satellite into space on April 19. Two dedicated satellite launches, each carrying six satellites, will take place from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, while the final launch will carry the remaining three satellites.

Some other customers are too busy trying to get their Electron rockets approved for a lot at Space Rocket Lab. The key feature called Autonomous Flight Termination System software is also expanding the reuse and capability of Electron, which hopes to capture the next rocket launched from its home in New Zealand, with a helicopter Rocket Lab said in a press release. A date has been set for the US launch.

Which is encouraged by recent advances by NASA to certify its Autonomous Flight Termination Unit software that is required from Launch Complex 2 to enable Electron launches from Virginia Rocket Lab for missions scheduled no earlier than December 2022, Rocket Labs is growing at a very fast pace, they also announced a new rocket type, the Neutron.

Which will be completely built and flown. The Wallops flight facility is going to be the Neutron Rocket Lab Mega Constellation Launcher and is designed to land as loud as the Falcon 9, but first all eyes are on the Electron and the booster’s first catch attempt in a mission titled And again that should be before the end of April.

Our last story this week is a little weird. It’s secret. Government agencies. Cynical billionaire researcher of technology that could come from a sci-fi novel and more than 1600 pages of documentation on UFOs based on a Freedom of Information Act request filed four years ago. Released, the pages document the US Defense Intelligence Agency and their advanced aerospace.

Threat Detection Program is something UFO researchers have been trying to get a glimpse of for years and it seems they had good reason. were driving too.

Program This weapons program often overlaps with research being done in the threat detection program, so we have two mostly interchangeable government programs studying strange phenomena, but what’s actually reported involves the Moon. Involved, didn’t really plan to blow a hole.

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