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The Real Reason SpaceX Built The Starship!


We all probably know the SpaceX Starship as the rocket that is going to land people on the Moon and eventually Mars. This is the real reason why Elon Musk is spending so much money and effort developing this vehicle but those major missions. The only thing that Starship will be doing is far away.

We’ve already got some pretty clear indications that SpaceX is intending to make the Starship a workhorse aerospace vehicle that will do a lot of work from moving stuff to space and even people.

Even on earth today we are talking about the swiss army knife of flying machines that will eventually be the starship it is the space race let’s start with Starlink making real money Elon Musk is very straight that his Starlink internet constellation actually Starship is the key to development and being able to pay for missions to Mars.

Elon was pulling out last fall and threatening that SpaceX might go bankrupt. He was afraid there wouldn’t be enough Raptor 2 engines to fly a Starship and he needed Starship to deploy Starlink version 2 and They need Starlink V2 to pay all those bills.

Which SpaceX is racking up in the process and we’ve already indicated from the ongoing work on Starbase that job number one for Starship will be delivering Starlink, so there has been a lot of speculation about how Starship will deliver its payloads. Because this rocket has an absolutely huge cargo fairing at nine meters and something like 18.

Meters high and the Starship also has to be 100 percent reusable to meet its targets, meaning it cannot fly the cargo fairing cover into space like a normal rocket, the fairing is powered by a controlled opening and closing mechanism. which is difficult.

While the exact logistics of this mechanism is still the subject of much discussion at SpaceX, we initially speculated that Starship would deploy batches of Starlink in the same way, Elon Kay said. A Falcon 9 has been dropping a giant block of satellites at once, but now it seems SpaceX doesn’t have that in mind at all.

We’ve seen from the assembly process of ship 24 on Starbase that there’s going to be a big slot in the stainless steel body that covers the cargo bay and now we’re getting the idea that this slot will be used for the new Starlink version 2 satellites. They will be rapidly dispensed through one slot at a time, as would be done in a dispenser.

Shocking satellites are long and thin when they are first deployed and then the solar panels expand as they prepare to make their rise to operating orbit, opening a huge door for that block to deploy. Instead of now makes a ton of sense from a practical point of view Starship only needs to open a small cover on that Starlink slot, which is the key to keeping Starlink working at its full potential.

Which is going to be for v2 satellites connected to thousands of optical lasers which will be the size and lift capacity y starship as this one falcon 9 can deploy 60 of the current generation staggering satellites but v2 bigger And going to get huge so that numbers drop with the Falcon 9 and reach 30,000 satellites in operation which is going to take the way.

There’s a lot of rocket launch to achieve with Starship. The company believes they can deploy the next generation of 400 Starlink units with each launch which is a huge step up in productivity, perhaps a 10-fold increase over the Falcon 9. It also informs us that there will be many variations on the Starship cargo fairing.

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Beyond just having a giant Starlink dispenser starship is going to be a workhorse for putting very large and heavy things into space, although what SpaceX engineers will eventually go about doing it will be a variation of the Starship that is meant to transport cargo. And there has to be some kind of mechanism to open it so that the entire cargo fairing is taking into account the possibilities of that huge empty space.

Rideshare missions with Starship can be very captivating. It’s going to be up to hundreds of individual small satellites in a batch or even being able to ride share groups of larger satellites in a single launch. It is going to reduce the cost of installing satellites. Orbit by an order of magnitude But what else can Starship put into orbit or even further into deep space.

Let’s take for example Europa Clipper. It is a research spacecraft that will orbit Jupiter’s moon, which we believe offers the best chance of supporting liquid water and even the extraterrestrial nature of the Clipper ship. Jeevan Vikas was able to proceed only when a suitable launch vehicle was developed at that time.

When the vehicle was NASA’s SLS super heavy lift rocket that would support the Artemis moon mission. Without a super powerful rocket like the SLS it didn’t really make sense to even get it off the ground, even building the Europa Clipper didn’t make sense, the rocket enabled that ino now of course with the SLS With this the entire project fell badly behind schedule and virtually ruined the Europa mission.

Until SpaceX was able to come up with a heavy falcon as an alternative launcher, but you get the idea that big ass rockets set the stage and open up new possibilities of supporting other big ass spacecraft or space vehicles. Know about the stations.

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