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Tesla’s Gigafactory is the world’s most valuable and best automaker

Tesla's Gigafactory is the world's most valuable and best automaker

Tesla’s Gigafactory is the world’s most valuable automaker, and is much loved by fans and haters of Elon Musk.

Global leaders like Toyota and the General Motors Gigafactory will be a deciding factor in their success, so let’s take a quick trip around the world and check out the progress being made at each of Tesla’s Gigafactory near Berlin Germany Online in March 2022.

With the first delivery of a Tesla Model Y vehicle, the factory aims to generate local supply of Tesla vehicles for European countries and reduce the need for Tesla to ship vehicles from Shanghai China to Europe once the factory opens.

Their production rate of the Model Y is reportedly up to about 2,000 vehicles per week by September 30. The factory leased by German media aims to reach a production rate of 5,000 cars per week in the first quarter of 2023, which Tesla hopes to achieve. This would roughly halve the gigafactory’s maximum manufacturing capacity, which would be 500,000 vehicles per year.

We know that until now Giga Berlin exclusively manufactures the Tesla Model Y in long range and performance variants, these are manufactured in California using 2170 battery cells in a skateboard style pack structure for the Model Y and in Berlin Built is a rear frame giga which includes castings.

Manufactured vehicles offer the added bonus of special new paint colors, we’ve actually seen Tesla add Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver to their order sheets, these replace the classic silver and red colors, these new paint options look amazing And it’s a definite improvement.

Thanks to the more advanced paint shop at Giga Berlin, we may see the German Model Y getting upgraded to a new design in their Q3 earnings letter. Investor Tesla specifically says we can expect to see more before the end of the year. Gigafactory Berlin Brandenburg plans to offer front casting and structural battery packs.

The new battery pack is filled with Tesla’s in-house designed and manufactured 4680 battery which allows structural integration of the battery pack into the vehicle’s frame as well as casting the front Giga we know is ready for the Giga Berlin Front Is.

Casting sections and recent flyovers of the factory site We can see a standing army of front castings stacked tightly in long queues outside the factory walls, so the deciding factor will be how many new structural battery packs Tesla can export from its production plant Is.

California Giga also has plans for its own 4680 battery manufacturing plant at a site near Berlin, but it’s unlikely we’ll see it go live anytime soon. away from Germany and back in the United States.

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