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Tesla Restaurant: Elon Musk’s NEW Trillion Dollar Weapon!

Tesla Restaurant: Elon Musk's NEW Trillion Dollar Weapon!

Plans to open a 24-hour Hollywood Tesla Driving Full Movie Theater with Dinner Two 45-foot LED movie screens indoor, outdoor seating and of course 28 Superchargers So You Can was so successful that it entered every industry however it dominated Gone.

New Tesla Restaurant In 2018 Elon tweeted that he was planning to open the restaurant in one of the new 1950s Tesla Supercharger stations that were being built in California.

This is where it all started: On January 7, 2018, Elon tweeted that he was going to build an old-school drive-in roller skates and replace the restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger stations in Los Angeles. will rock. are going. Turns out he was opening a Tsla restaurant.

The footage will also be shown from among the 100 Best Classic Films. But what’s even more surprising is that Tesla drivers will be able to see restaurant menus on their cars’ infotainment systems. The tweets garnered a lot of attention and made news in 2018, mostly due to the fact that it was Elon Musk himself who sent his tweets after a few months, however everything came to a halt.

Many began to see this as a sarcastic comment, but later that year Tesla submitted an application for permission to the city of Santa Monica to build a combination of eateries and Supercharger stations, when it became clear that Elon Musk were not there at any time. Things calmed down with the restaurant joke.

Months ago when Tesla submitted an application for a trademark with the United States Office of Patent and Trademark Registration for Restaurant Services, the pop-up Restaurant Services Self Service Restaurant Services and Tech Restaurant Services applications are currently pending inspection.

These are things designed to make the final adjustments validated by the CEO over the next three months. Tesla is now working on a solution route toward Santa Monica. It’s quite possible that it’s a huge charging station with a restaurant and takeout. Equipped with a counter, you’ll be able to order food via the touch screen in your Tesla upon arrival on site, and then have the option of staying in your vehicle.

While it was charging and there waiting for your food delivery or you can go to the dining area and have your meal there. This information was confirmed by Elon Musk via a tweet that he said that a big new supercharger is coming soon for Santa.

The station Monica and she expected it would also be a restaurant of the 50 and 100 best movie clips, thanks to the City of Santa Pictures Monica suggested that Tesla build the station with solar shelters and other types of services that would have 62 superchargers . Will make it one of the largest Supercharger stations ever.

Elon Musk, as we discussed earlier, also revealed that the restaurant will have a vintage design and that waiters will serve customers while they are on roller skates as they charge their Tesla vehicle but Elon is the only one.There is no member discussing Tesla Project.

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