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Tesla confirms its next Gigafactory will be in Mexico

Tesla confirms its next Gigafactory will be in Mexico

Tesla’s sixth Gigafactory will be in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, just south of the Texas border. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the new Monterey Gigafactory at the company’s Investor Day event in Austin, Texas.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company is building its next Gigafactory in Mexico, where it will build the next generation of vehicles. The news came during a live Q&A session following Tesla’s Investor Day event, where it announced its master plan part three.

During the event, Musk revealed that the facility would be built in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, which shares a short border with Texas – home to Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory. Yesterday, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador confirmed that the project would be built in the city of Monterrey, which is about 387 miles from Tesla’s headquarters in Austin.


Tesla tweeted the announcement of its sixth Gigafactory, currently titled “Gigafactory Mexico”. Other Gigafactories are located in Nevada, Texas, New York, Shanghai and Berlin.

Tesla also confirmed that the new location will feature a next-generation vehicle, one that Musk and others on stage would not elaborate on at the Investor Day event. Kasturi also shied away from questions regarding this after the incident. “We’ll have a proper product program, but if we have to answer your questions, we’ll jump guns,” Musk said.

The announcement confirms earlier reporting that Tesla was planning its sixth Gigafactory in Mexico. Musk reportedly visited three Mexican states in December before settling on Nuevo León. At the time, local newspaper Reforma reported that the company would announce an initial investment of $800 million to $1 billion. Reportedly, it is expected to cost $10 billion at full maturity.

In January, a day before Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, the automaker announced it was investing $3.6 billion in its first Gigafactory in Nevada. That facility will have 4 million square feet of manufacturing space for Tesla Semi and 4680 cell production. In totality, the Gigafactory in Nevada would have cost Tesla $9.8 billion.

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