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SpaceX’s INSANE New Starship LEAKED by Elon Musk!

SpaceX's INSANE New Starship LEAKED by Elon Musk!

While building the highest and most powerful spacecraft in the world, most people will be eaten so much that everything can wait, but it is not the kind of person who is alone or stars alone.

You need to put a lot of things, this situation is that it is musk because it has removed a colony on the red planet, the most important aspect that it needs to work is transporting the Earth and the planets.

Mars is at a distance of millions of miles, besides and people need to survive in the fastest way because it is a penny. The intensive operation Musk will have to find the most affordable method to move people among the planets.

Although prohibitive costs have to transport tons of things other than human alone musk, Mars is a rigid environment and a lot of supply to keep humans alive has to be taken forward to 5 musk so that the new colony becomes complicated by new colony colony Can maintain automatically, which means transporting ton food item house or shelter building material drugs and then the logistics are heavy, but the musk is at the top of the position.

The largest and most powerful spacecraft has imagined starships to fix the Transport Angle Musk, which has been rapidly developed and tested in the features of Starbase Spacex located in SpaceX Crew Boca Chika Texas. All the workers will be for those who travel on Mars on rockets.

Although this is starship. It is very large when the upper and lower steps are assembled and it is 120 meters long in terms of diameter of 9 meters. The space industry in power has never seen anything because it is powered by more than 30 rocket engines designed by SpaceX. The Star Base is capable of lifting a payload of more than 100 metric tons which is part of the upper stage of the ship in the Earth’s orbit.

Propellant so that they have enough fuel to reach their destination. The ship is 50 m long with 18 m dedicated to payload, the total amount available for payload to meet the needs of the Muscat is 1100 m. SpaceX will configure the Starship as either cargo or crew; The latter would transport humans or ceremonial carry cargo.

The only other configuration would act as a fuel tank. The Starship will be used for other purposes such as NASA and the US military but we will not go into the lowest stage in this video or the super heavy booster 17 meters long this ship will carry 3,400 tons of propellant to help it escape Earth’s gravitational pull For, it will generate 72 mega newtons of thrust, both the ship and the super heavy are fully reusable.

One feature Musk plans to use is to reduce the cost of his plan. Although reusability combined with the size and power of Starships complicates Starship’s design before Starship 2.0 arrives, not many people will see a version. 2, but of course a larger Starship is needed, for example the process of launching a Starship and preparing it for the journey to Mars would require four Starship tankers.

Starships will need the fuel to get to Mars, otherwise there won’t be enough fuel to get there. Refueling it means a lot of messing around with Rendezvous docking pumping and undocking, however a larger Starship 2.0 that can supply all the fuel would simplify things massively and it needs that capability if Mars The community has to be self-sufficient.

The easiest way to build structures for yourself is to transport heavy machinery from the earth to iron ore diggers and steel mills to cauldrons and rolling mills, there will be other heavy objects that cannot be split into 150 ton pieces that Find your way to Mars. When you start thinking about things like this you’ll see why Musk is already thinking about an improved version of the Starship in the form of Elon Musk the Starship 2.0. revealed by

An order of magnitude larger than the first version, he revealed that it would be 18 meters in diameter which is twice the size of the current Starship, it is not surprising that Musk aimed so high as the Starship was originally 12 meters was designed for. Launch a 300 ton Warbit to Mars and a 450 ton after refueling in the same dimension ratios as current Starships. Starship 2.0 is twice as long, making it a 240-metre chunk of steel.

Which will be three fourth of the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And when you double the height and width of a roughly cylindrical object you’ve multiplied the surface area and volume by eight, that means Starship 2.0 has enough fuel to hold it, has eight times more power and This will generate eight times more thrust.

The current capacity of the rocket engine requires about 100 powerful Raptors, compared to the largest rocket ever built prior to Starship 2.0 in 1962. The brainchild of Robert Truex, who worked at Aerojet, it was a two-stage rocket that would launch at sea and carry a payload.

The Sea Dragon was 150 meters in height and 23 meters in diameter, although the Sea Dragon never saw the light of day as it was never built. When configured for human transport, Starship 2.0 will be able to carry approximately 1,000 people, capable of carrying 1,000 people to Mars. The number of trips takes a huge toll to populate the planet with 1 million people. The foremost consideration is Starship 2.0 which is economically superior to many starships currently operating in the site.

The economic concern is important because you don’t build a big rocket just because you can see a launch cost advantage. Musk previously estimated that the final cost of launching Version 1 Starship would be $2 million, 900 000 of this amount. will go to fuel while the rest will be grabbed by SpaceX. Support Operations Assume that the cost of support operations remains the same for Starship 2.0.

Also note that one trip of Starship 2.0 is equivalent to eight trips of the current version, so we’ll see that Starship 2.0’s total launch cost is about $7.2 million for fuel, about $1.2 million in support functions, for a grand total of $8.4 million. If you were to have eight launches of the current Starship the cost would be $16 million, so Starship 2.0 will basically cut the cost in half for the same payload but that’s not the end of the savings either.

Remember that in the current iteration it takes four other Starships to launch a single Starship to Mars instead of those four Starships warming up. 1.0 is possible with single starship 2.0 and musket will save money when you calculate the savings multiply it by the number of engines that should be accomplished. It’s clear that Musk is thinking smart here. The second part is the construction cost. It is true that the number of Raptor engines required by Starship 2.0 will increase.

Although you only need to double the amount of steel to make Starship 2.0, eight different Version 1 Starships, welding and ring stacking applied to the heat shield material instead of spending money on steel will also double, although most of the process will have been automated by that time, reducing costs even further. Raptor engines currently cost around $2 million a piece, but Musk expects that figure to come down to a massive two million dollars down the line.

So taking into account the cost of the additional Raptor engine for Starship 2.0 to accomplish most of the work Starship 2.0 would have to do for the current Starship. This is done because SpaceX needs to scale what it is building to match Musk’s desire.

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