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SpaceX’s Insane New $20 Million High Tech Spacesuit!

SpaceX’s Insane New $20 Million High Tech Spacesuit!

SpaceX tricks NASA with its high-tech spacesuit. If you mix well enough pop culture science fiction fan and tech billionaire into the mix, you’ll find more names then you would if you looked at the roughly 100 different names under the tech billionaire tag. Like the different names we googled you thought were just a funny joke, here we can safely assume that 20 of them are pop culture fans but you can’t be a true fan.

Unless this shows up in your daily work and the only truth for us is, among these billionaire fans this guy draws inspiration from the blockbusters of our childhoods, everything he does is a starship from Star Trek, or The new suit from Bonz films is perfect. You name it, this guy used a spacesuit that not only looks cool, but defies NASA’s original intent for designing it.

To give you a basic idea, a spacesuit is a garment worn by humans to survive in the harsh environment of outer space. Vacuum and temperature extreme spacesuits are often worn inside spacecraft as a safety precaution in case of loss of cabin pressure, and are required for extra-vehicular activity or work performed outside the spacecraft SpaceX’s Spacesuit Equipment and Environmental Systems Basic pressure garment with a complex system of boosting.

A self-contained oxygen supply and a vacuum environmental control system to counter the natural tendency of a soft pressure garment to harden against the vacuum to keep the wearer comfortable and reduce the effort required to bend the limbs It is often employed to allow complete freedom of free movement to counteract the natural tendency of a soft pressure garment to stiffen. Spacecraft and space may be the final frontier, but it’s wildly inhumane and downright deadly for any daring human being without a great spacesuit fit.

It also matters that too much space to house the spacesuits worn by astronauts can make the job more difficult or dangerous. Surviving in the harsh environment of outer space and temperature extremes, yes they are no fashion stuff, but a necessity to be able to function in space is now making its way back into the SpaceX suit, which as you all know is Michael Bay. Director of the 1998 cosmic disaster film Armageddon. He once gave an interview discussing this.

Worst crisis in the making of the film Three weeks before our first day of principle photography I went to see the spacesuits He said they look like adidas jogging suits on a rack where I almost killed myself because if you Don’t have the cool spacesuit the whole movie is drowned in and as you can guess NASA didn’t listen but Elon Musk walks the same road of thought as a Hollywood director because he’s not some hardcore rocket scientist.

He is an artist who loves imagination and draws rockets in free time even as it seems, analogous to the black and white launch and re-entry astronauts Robert Benkin and Douglas Hurley battled.

As they hopped into their white and black Tesla and the white and black SpaceX crew rode to the Cape Canaveral launch pad to board the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket’s Dragon capsule for its journey to the International Space Station. Finally when space travel is around in style When it comes to capturing the public imagination, the SpaceX suit actually has more similarities as James Bond talks about if Tony Stark redesigned it as an update to the next great James T. Kirk adventure.

The space style is more part of the pop culture comic continuum than the NASA continuum, maybe the real life Tony Stark didn’t do it, but for the real life Tony Stark did it anyway, the prototype was actually designed by Jose Fernandez, who Was a costume designer who worked on Batman v Superman. About their Armageddon experience There are people in Hollywood who are seasoned designers.

There are specialists and spacesuit helmet designers. This is a very specialized craft. Mr. Musk just went to the source and not the usual Air Force and Navy contractors when he first approached Mr. Fernandez in 2016. He told later at the time that he did not know that SpaceX had been invited to be one of six people who wanted to try for the job, that Mr. Fernandez had designed a helmet in just two weeks and that Mr. Musk After working together for six months, the suit was designed which was later reverse engineered to meet space travel requirements.

Fernandez said the goal was to get the astronauts to look better in the suit, like they would in a tux, according to Miss Lewis. The Mercury suit was originally the Air Force’s standard green color.

There have been several theories about why, including the fact that the silver was reflective and made it more visible to astronauts, with the most likely conclusion being that it looks new and the high-tech musket takes this idea to a whole new level. SpaceX appeals to suit conventions. The Fashion Industry How designers like Koresh and Paco Rabanne embodied space travel in the 1960s.

When it came to embracing the body and optimism, but most of all they related to the Hollywood tradition of the idealized human warrior body with exaggerated shoulders and an armor of articulated muscles to rejuvenate and shape the upper body in the musket suit Featuring dark inserts on the inside, the streamlined stitching from collarbone to knee and matching superhero knee-high boots don’t have the dangling hose buttons and cables of traditional costumes.

The SpaceX suits can perform these experiments in the design field as they are not intended for use outside the spacecraft and therefore do not need to be equipped with oxygenation cooling and communication capabilities and unlike most previous suits which have been used for a single astronaut. Must be comfortable on the couch and so often look baggy and vertically hunched SpaceX suits look just as neat standing up as they do lying down. They also meet the myriad and demanding technical requirements for a fully functional garment.

A spacesuit is a piece of hardware that must be attached to the ship, not just color coordinated. This sets the suit apart as an Elon Musk production such as the Steve Jobs Musk has long given priority importance. About design over technology, he told startup incubator Y Combinator in 2016 that he spent about 80 percent of his time on engineering and design. Regarding the spacesuits that are supposed to protect astronauts in the event of a fire or pressurization aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, the suits didn’t have to do the job for them which was nice but it was clear they were prepared.

To sum it all up SpaceX’s suits are fully functional suits with a design language that’s just absurd movie like – not in a bad way but in a cool way it represents the future of spacesuits and NASA’s plans for the suit leaves the heavy pieces in the dust so guys that’s it for today’s video what do you think of Spacex’s new futuristic spacesuit.

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