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Shanghai slowly regains productivity says Elon Musk

In today’s post Elon Musk details the next Starlink Indonesia Tempers Gigafactory hopes, Shanghai slowly regains productivity and SpaceX starships may be in the clear to fly, so let’s go to what Elon Musk said in an interview Details of the next generation of SpaceX’s Starlink communications satellite have been unveiled.

Tim Dodd the Rose Astronaut The new Starling satellites will be optimized for Starship’s massive launch capacity and delivery capabilities to take advantage of the Starship Super Heavy Starlink v2’s 100 metric tons of lift and will each have a quarter ton.

Will measure about 23 feet. In the long run this makes them four times more massive than the current Starlink V1.5 and clearly demonstrates why the new constellation can only be carried into orbit 1 starship about 60 K at a time by the current Starlink delivery Falcon 9.

So trying to use the same rocket for Starlink v2 would be limited to around 15 satellites per nch and they just aren’t big. Starlink v2 is much more powerful as well as Musk was a bit tight-lipped about specific capabilities.

Other than to say that they are roughly an order of magnitude more capable than the Starlink one, but it is assumed that the new satellites will have a bandwidth of about 140 to 160 gigabits per second, a significant improvement over the v1’s 18 gigabits plan.

That if the FCC approves the design to launch a new constellation of 30,000 Starling V2 satellites, Starship could reportedly launch an entire orbital plane of them. One hundred to 120 satellites are evenly spaced in orbit at a time.

Half of the 30,000 satellite network will have to be launched within six years adding to a total of 130 launches to deploy Starlink v2 which is much expected for a ship that hasn’t even had an orbital test flight yet, So we can really understand from this.

That’s how much SpaceX and Elon are betting on Starship, as expected brings us back to the Elon email leaked in December, without Starship and Starlink SpaceX is bankrupt and has even more rides on it than Elon Musk.

His fortune SpaceX is going to be crucial for the United States maintaining its presence in space without a Starship lander. The Artemis program would not reach the Moon without SpaceX operating at full capacity.

The Chinese would essentially only be free to capture the Moon and even Mars in low Earth orbit, so it’s not great then the importance of Starlink to equal Internet access at least so far.

That we have to have reliable high-speed internet access to any place on Earth and moving forward is going to be very difficult for a global society of equal human beings if access to information and communication is also not equal to Tesla due to their sleek and minimalistic design.

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