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Sasha Solomon violated company policy, then after

Sasha Solomon violated company policy, then after

Sasha Solomon lost her job this year after publicly taking on her employers. Sasha Solomon puts her French Bulldog, Bosworth, on a leash and walks down a leafy street to a favorite coffee shop.

It seemed like a normal November afternoon, or could be normal for someone working at Twitter under its new boss, Elon Musk.

Sitting on her living room couch at her computer, she tried to check the latest messages on Slack, only to find that her account had been locked.

Sasha Solomon logged into an email account and looked something up on Twitter and found she violated company policy. Ms. Solomon became part of a small number of media industry employees who were banned from using Twitter this year. The latter was fired from the institutions from which he had lost his job.

In Ms Solomon’s case, she directly challenged her boss in a series of tweets. She said she was not sure whether those tweets cost her her job, or whether she was one of about 3,700 Twitter employees who were laid off soon after Mr. Musk took ownership of the company in October.

When Ms. Solomon was growing up outside Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, she never imagined she would work for a big company, much less have a relationship with a billionaire, she said. Even while studying computer science and math at the University of Idaho, she thought she would always be in her home state, she said.

But then a friend got a job at a tech company in San Francisco and suggested she look for work there. Ms. Solomon was hired by a Bay Area start-up and quickly found a job at Medium as a software engineer. In December 2018, he started working on Twitter.

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