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It’s Reality! Scientist’s FINALLY Discovered First Ever White Hole!

It's Reality! Scientist's FINALLY Discovered First Ever White Hole!

After many years of speculation and research scientists, it is the reality that finally the first time the white hole is found that is a white hole that astronomers are excited about it and how the search affects you because we see as a person because we see as a person. The first white holes are discovered by scientists that you have probably heard of black holes, which are largely lurked in a deep place and to swallow anything that swallows anything.

However, the black hole is unlike and it is called a white hole. A white hole is no less terrible, but no less terrible to understand it. It is necessary to know how black hole comes about it, where we pay attention to details, because many of them are also applied to white holes, but reverse black holes can come in a range of shape but three main types The blacks are black, the mass and shape of the black hole determine what kind of it is, it is the smallest which is known as Primardial Black Hole.

The most common type of medium -sized black hole with the Le Atom but a mass of a large mountain is called Stella. The mass of a stellar black hole can be 20 times more than the mass of the sun, but relatively small. They can easily fit inside. A ball densely mass concentration is responsible for the powerful gravitational bridge. , They put on other items. Scientists estimate that there are dozens of Steller mass black holes that the largest black hole within the Milky Way Galaxy is called Supermasive.

More than a million sun jointly jointly they will fit with a diameter inside a ball, which tells about scientific evidence with a diameter about the size of the solar system that in every large galaxy in its center in its center There is a Supermasive black hole. Dhanu is called, it has a mass equal to about 4 million suns and it will fit inside a ball with a diameter about the size of the sun where Black Hole com Do E Primardial Black Hole thought that Big Bang Stellar Black The hole was soon formed in the early universe.

When the center of a very large scale collapses in itself. Space scientists feel that Supermasive black holes are formed simultaneously as they are in the form of Galaxy in the shape of Supermasive black holes. The size and mass of the galaxy belong to. Save the scientists, although scientists can see the effects of its strong gravity on stars and gases, if a star is orbiting a certain point in space, scientists can study the speed of the star to determine whether it Black hole and a black hole and circumambulation on A. Stars are revolving closely.

Scientific tools can see this high energy light that sometimes a black hole gravity is so strong that it can pull the external gases of the star and increase a disc around it. The enhancement disk in the form of enhancement disk can increase the spirals in black from the disk spirals. Heats the gas to a lot of temperature and releases X-ray lights in all directions.

A black hole is not really a limit to a limit, not the sun from not having enough mass to fall into a black hole, but this does not mean that it will avoid death when the sun will avoid death in billions of years at the end of its life Will happen. Become a red giant star, when he has used the last of his fuel it will throw its outer layers and turn into a shiny ring of gas called a planet Nebula, finally all that will be released from the sun. He is a cool white Dwa RF star but all this is still far away in the future that there is no meaning to worry about it now it brings us to the white hole.

A white hole is the right opposite of a black hole. In fact it is a black hole that is seen backward in time. Once the material is said before reaching the horizon in a black hole that the material is ruined and in the same way cannot avoid drawing its strong gravity, the way a white hole is an area in which space-time Flows inexperienced. This phenomenon is a horizon radius that banns the entry of any case, including light, is believed to be considered to expel light radiation at equal levels of a black hole.

If a foolish crew tries to enter a white hole, then the sheer force of gamma rays will destroy them and their ship but let’s show that the ship was strong enough to face the amount of energy, Even at that place is structured around the white hole in that space so that the amount of acceleration required to go in becomes high and high. More energy is required than being, so you also cannot try because you may be suspicious.

1905 Albert Einstein felt that although supervisors were faster experienced, which does not apply to non-contained supervisors going on constant speed or stable and lighting was all independent of light. Einstein later general Published its principle of relativity which was concluded. There is gravity in objects with mass with mass, which is a deformation of time and location rather than a real physical force, Carl Schwarzchild then uses the field equations of Einstein, which to find the equation of mass in empty spaces Solves or for this result a completely one area becomes zero.

In Schwarzschild metric, which we will leave you as the equation, incredibly complicated, but in simple words I have a mathematical representation of a black hole, the Shwarzchild has a completely stable black hole without any fee or change without any fee or change A equation was created, it is an external black hole that is a black hole that does not change in size and always exists. All events beyond the event horizon occur infinitely in future, so these incidents ever for an external observer for an external observer Do not, short shield metric shows us that ideal black hole space becomes time and time and time becomes time.

The singularity of a black hole is at some inescapable time in the future rather than in a place. But when we reverse an infinite black hole, we see a white hole. But not all scientists agree that white holes exist, which makes the recent discovery of them even more important, but why some scientists doubt that white holes exist as well.

He claims that just because a white hole obeys general relativity and is mathematically sound does not mean that it is practical. This is why some scientists say white holes are an unlikely possibility, meaning that when They cannot be completely ruled out, so they don’t expect to see telescopes, they base their thinking on the fact that the phenomenon violates the second law of thermodynamics which states that the entropy in the universe Must always remain the same or an increase in entropy is commonly described as chaos.

But this can be better understood as an increase in the number of states for the particles. n a certain system for example think of a house being demolished into rubble, this is an example of an increase in entropy because that rubble can form many other structures such as sheds, bookshelves mounds and paper however a house is made up of those particles There is only a special state of matter that now small local decreases in entropy can occur as long as the overall entropy of the universe is increasing. Black holes are excellent at this because they take up matter in entropy like planets and space over time. Let’s spread them over large places while increasing the anarchy.

But Whiteholes that eject matter violate this law because they would reduce the overall entropy, which is why physicists argue that time cannot go backward, but this does not prove that white holes do not exist. Consider that theoretical physicist Carlo Ravelli once suggested that black holes could no longer evaporate and shrink due to constraints. The space-time black hole will then experience a quantum jump or an external pressure and turn into a white hole. Almost immediately they form but as external observers we see black holes due to gravitational time dilation for billions of years if this theory is correct black holes that formed in the early years.

The universe may be ready to die and explode into cosmic rays or some other form of radiation, which we may have seen back in 2006, after NASA’s Swift satellite detected an exceptionally powerful gamma-ray burst in a very strange region of the sky called grb060614. was detected. The number of bursts usually falls into either of the two categories of short bursts and long bursts and is usually associated with supernovae, but grb060614 either did not last this remarkable 102 seconds, but for comparison has been associated with any star explosion Most gamma-ray bursts last only between 2 and 30 seconds in grb-060614, a galaxy with very few stars that could explode or last longer.

It appears to astronomers and astrophysicists that this gamma-ray burst came out of nowhere and collapsed on itself after a few moments, but a few years later scientists proposed the hypothesis that grb060614 could be a white hole. why they came to this conclusion because grb0606.4 describes perfectly what one would expect to see from a white hole as a mother and a powerful unstable fountain of energy that vanishes soon after formation, usually a point Which strengthens the hypothesis that the current scientific model has no other explanation for what happened.

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