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Gary Lineker calls out Elon Musk after family abused on Twitter during BBC row

Gary Lineker calls out Elon Musk after family abused on Twitter during BBC row

Gary Lineker’s son has spoken out after facing constant abuse on Twitter following his father’s public spat with the BBC over Small Boat tweets.

George Lineker shared a screenshot of someone he said should be “burned at the stake” for supporting his father when the Match of the Day (MOTD) presenter was briefly suspended from the BBC.

Commenting on the abuse, George wrote: “Social media isn’t crazy. Never had so many nice messages on Insta these past few days. On Twitter – never been so abused. It has nothing to do with me either.

The message said: “Your mug how dare you stand up for your father’s sh** house, you need to be burned at the stake.”

Mr Lineker retweeted his son’s post and tagged Elon Musk and Twitter, asking: “Is this acceptable? And I don’t mean grammar.


While the controversy was ongoing, George told The Sunday Mirror: “Dad is a good man, a good man and I’m proud of him for standing his ground. That’s why he was kicked off the show – Because he won’t apologize. But he will always speak for those who don’t have a voice.

“He is passionate about helping refugee charities – he took in two refugees who he is still in touch with and is trying to help.”

It comes after an unprecedented spat between Mr Lineker and the BBC after comparing the language used to launch a new asylum policy with 1930s Germany.

The BBC initially suspended the Match of the Day (MOTD) presenter, but were moved by a show of solidarity by the other presenters, who refused to broadcast.

The broadcaster then apologized for suspending him and Mr Lineker was able to continue with his job without apologizing for his tweets.

He wrote: “No matter how difficult the past few days have been, it cannot be compared to fleeing persecution or war from home to take refuge in a faraway land. It is heartwarming to see so many of you sympathizing with their plight.”

”Match of the Day presenter’s son George shared a screenshot of someone telling him he should be “burned at the stake””

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