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Elon Musk’s Wealth Surges, Makes $11 Billion in Two Days, Dangote Suffers Loss

Elon Musk’s Wealth Surges, Makes $11 Billion in Two Days, Dangote Suffers Loss

Elon Musk’s Wealth Surge Builds $11 Billion in Two Days, Dangote Loses Elon Musk Musk’s wealth soared when he was on trial over his infamous 2018 tweet about Tesla. History To Lose $200 Billion From His Huge Net Worth In 2022

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’s wealth has increased by nearly $11 billion since he began facing a civil lawsuit over his tweets. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index reports that since testifying in court on Friday, January 20, 2023, the SpaceX CEO’s net worth increased by $10.6 billion to $145.2 billion.

Elon Musk’s tweets court him The latest gain is the biggest two-day gain by Musk since November 2022. He is being sued by Tesla shareholders after tweeting in 2018 that he had received funding to take the electric car company private at $420 per share.

However, the deal never happened and investors are suing him for billions of dollars in damages. Musk defended the tweet in court, saying it was just a joke because he thought he had received money from a Saudi Arabian investment fund, later blaming the Saudi Arabian investor for backing out of the deal.

According to him, when he posted the nefarious tweet, he was counting on selling SpaceX shares to take Tesla private. Elon Musk made a world record in 2023. Twitter CEO’s loss of $13 billion has been compensated for in the wealth of Twitter CEO.

Much of the billionaire’s wealth is tied up in Tesla. The car company had its 2022 close plunged nearly 70 percent as investors questioned its commitment to the company after it acquired Twitter for $44 billion last October.

According to Bloomberg, his wealth has now come down from $215 billion to $195 billion. Musk currently ranks second on the billionaires index with French luxury baron, Bernard Arnault, as the world’s richest person. There is a $45 billion gap between Musk and Arnault, which analysts believe Musk could close in a few weeks if Tesla continues on its winning ways.

Meanwhile, Nigerian industrialist and Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote has slipped from his 80th position in the billionaire ranking. Dangote slipped to 83rd place after losing $66 million in two days. The Nigerian billionaire has earned $295 million annually with a net worth of $19 billion.

He is currently behind French luxury baron Bernard Arnault with a personal fortune of $137 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Many believe that Musk, who recently acquired Twitter for $44 billion, is disillusioned with the microblogging site.

[Elon Musk is bouncing back to the top.
The oga at the top of Twitter made huge gains in two days as he stood trial over a tweet he made many years ago.
Meanwhile, Nigeria and Africa’s richest man has a different story to tell about his wealth.]

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