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Elon Musk’s INSANE NEWEST SpaceX Engine SHOCKED Bezos & Blue Origin

Elon Musk's INSANE NEWEST SpaceX Engine SHOCKED Bezos & Blue Origin

Elon Musk Corporation has been developing a new engine for SpaceX since 2012, which can change the rules of sports in the space industry, a 50 -meter ship will get six engines that will be able to take it to the moon or one Mars Stars the Vishal The rocket will be launched in the orbit, called Super Heavy.

Which is equipped with 30 and Raptor engines of the atmospheric version, which is both super heavy. And the starship will be reusable, for which the cost of the space travel will be so low that it will allow the most ambitious projects such as Mars to apply coma to the sharp prototype SN8.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that the Raptor 2 engine is working less than 300 times the pressure due to the three raptors’ engine. The Starship Spacecraft that will eventually go to Mars, the new version of the Raptor Engine broke the previous record, which was set in 2019, then the price of 268.9 times reached.

The records of the Russian two-clock liquid rocket engine of the closed cycle RD-180 also broke 180 with the intention of launching the Starship Rocket on their first-orbital test flight in January or February. The first Test Orbital Flight is in January or February. Elon Musk recently said in an interview with Lakes Freedman that her company would send Mars to SpaceX before five years ago.

However, before he suggests very optimistic scientists that the colonists living on Mars may eventually revolt against the Earth with the Earth. A closed cycle liquid rocket engine that is running on liquid methane and oxygen, producing the raptor 2 to the left. In the first version, on the right of 235 tons instead of 185 tons, Elon Musk also stated that the maximum emphasis was brought to 247 tones during the tests.

It is possible to obtain 250 tons in the future, in addition, the raptor works as two engines, the first Vacuum Raptor starship spacecraft was passed for the first vacuum raptor starship spacecraft at the SpaceX base at SpaceX base at McGore Texas USA. Which was the engine test that was collected at the SpaceX rocket factory three weeks ago.

Los Angeles and delivered to the test site in Texas on September 4, it is not known how long the engine operated on the stand, but the published test video lasts 15 seconds, similar to the version of the vacuum Raptor engine that entered Earth’s atmosphere. which recently lifted the Starship prototype SN6 to an altitude of about 150 meters.

But it is equipped with a very large nozzle, which, according to the founder and CEO of SpaceX, increases the efficiency of the engine when operating in the vacuum of space. Elon Musk’s three Raptor engines from both versions will be installed in Starship The core principle of Elon Musk’s private space company SpaceX is to make humanity a multi-planetary species partly driven by existential threats.

Such as the collision of the Earth with asteroids capable of completely destroying life, and the colonization of other planets, some eggs will be placed in other baskets and human civilization will develop. At an international conference in 2010, the entrepreneur expressed his views on the issue that history will split in two directions. In a way, we will be on earth forever and then there will be some kind of finale.

Extinction or becoming a space civilization is a choice and I hope you will agree that it is the surest way to go. Musk has often talked about his dream of building cities on Mars. This would require a large number of people. Adequately realizing this dream requires a vehicle that meets the task at hand. Starship is a combination of a rocket and a spacecraft that can carry more than 100 people at a time to the Red Planet.

The system is designed for full reusability in that the main hardware elements are not thrown into the ocean and do not burn up as with some other launch systems, but are returned from space to be repaired and sent back into flight. May go. Let’s take a closer look at Starship. At launch, the Starship spacecraft will be located on a super heavy launch vehicle, reducing the cost of the entire enterprise.

The combined system would reach 120 m in height, for comparison the American Super Heavy Launch Vehicle Saturn 5 used to implement a manned landing on the Moon was slightly less than 110.6 m, thus making the Starship one of the main targets of American cosmonautics. Made it the first in history. It would become the largest rocket ever built, the spacecraft resembling rocket ships from the golden age with a 50 meter long nose and stainless steel rocket booster stabilizer.

Underneath it are six high-performance Raptor engines from science fiction that have been developed by SpaceX over a decade. Are located closer to the middle of the ship they feed the engine with liquid methane ch4 and liquid oxygen o2 methane is the main fuel and oxygen acts as an oxidizer which is a chemical that causes the fuel to burn rush in this combination But I think basically we expect to see two or three people in the cockpit.

So a nominal Mars flight of about 100 people would also have common and storage rooms in the payload bay, a galley and a shelter where people could gather to protect themselves from solar storms, where bright streams of electrons and protons flow. There are The common room is a large hall with a full-size window in the nose of the fairing and smaller observation windows located around the perimeter of the common room through which the crew will be able to observe.

The outer space outside the starship below the common hall is a gymnasium with various simulators, mainly a sports hall with treadmills so that the crew can maintain an acceptable pH during flight. And each of which can accommodate two or three people, but there is also an alternative accommodation option, which involves the presence of 50 separate individual compartments.

Expedition participants can either lie down or sit in a small room, the bed can be easily converted into an armchair, and each cabin in the back is equipped with a computer with which you can watch video recordings And below the living quarters there is a room where the crew would gather in case of active solar flares, which the onboard computer would inform them about in advance.

A similar room still exists on the International Space Station today, with the toilets in a single compartment, all connected by a vertical shaft with a ladder. From one level of the spacecraft to another, the crew can float in zero gravity beneath toilet rooms, one level is the leaky storage battery and the other service rooms that the SpaceX presentation bypasses. Turn to the Heavy Rocket Carrier, which will be loaded with 3,400 tons of cooled methylex.

It will be equipped with around 28 Raptor engines. This specification has been changed several times to provide a maximum thrust of approximately 72 megatons. What they want is to use Starship as it is to be able to play a role in NASA’s Artemis program that has aimed to establish a long-term human presence on the Moon over the years.

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