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Elon Musk’s college sweetheart auctions off billionaire’s mementos

Elon Musk's college sweetheart auctions off billionaire's mementos

Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend is auctioning photos of his relationship with the billionaire and Musk’s souvenirs Musk’s college girlfriend Jennifer Gwynne is selling mementos through Boston-based RR Auctions.

According to a news release shared with CNN, Gwynne and Musk began dating in 1994, when they both worked as resident counselors in a university dormitory.

Musk began his doctoral program at Stanford shortly after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, but left to launch his first startup Zip2 in Lot 18 Clear Pictures of Entrepreneurs as a child-faced economics student at the University of Pennsylvania. Diya as well as many other mementos from the times of Musk and Gwynne.

The billionaire sees every normal college student before his meteoric rise of success. Hanging out in a dorm room, hanging out with your fellow resident bosses, and flirting with your girlfriend. The current highest bid item is a signed birthday card followed by Gwyn. Gifted on her birthday is a necklace.

During Christmas break of 1994, when I went to visit Elon’s mom in Toronto, Elon gave me both a ‘little love’ note and a necklace. In RR’s statement, Gwyn said that there were several necklaces in a case in her mom’s bedroom and that Elon gave me one necklace. Told that he was from his father’s emerald mine in South Africa.

She pulled out a case and because I didn’t give her anything as a Christmas present and I felt so guilty about it, she said we would consider the necklace as a birthday present for me.

I wore the necklace on and off for many years, but it’s mostly in my jewelry box for the past ten years. Always reminds me of Elon. The necklace also comes with two pictures one with model Maye Musk, mother of Musk and Gwynne Musk. And a mask. And with Gwynne formally bidding on a piece of Musk Orbilia by the end of the year in 1995, Tesla superfans can do so when the auction closes on Wednesday.

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