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Elon Musk to Seek Life on Mars and Keep It from Unionizing

Elon Musk to Seek Life on Mars and Keep It from Unionizing

Elon Musk will look for life on Mars and prevent it from forming a union Elon Musk has announced plans to look for life on Mars and, if successful, to prevent it from forming a union.

Elon Musk’s vision for life on Mars is easily the most ambitious plan laid out by any modern leader, with one million people living and working happily on another planet within the next 50 years, which is the first human race to live on. There is a new limit for A second home is a crazy idea to think of and clearly Elon Musk is not the first person to have the idea.

But they’re the only people so far who have the money and the resources and the determination to actually make it happen, we’re still very early days but the seeds have already been sown for Jeevan Mars but when we get there So we’re going to be really cool about what we’re going to do and what’s going to happen on Mars.

So no one can really say for sure, but there are some really cool ideas out there and it’s a lot of fun to think about, sharing all things Tesla SpaceX and Elon Musk so the basic premise of getting people and stuff to mars is really very simple and i say that only because Elon and Spacex have already figured out that we can use Spacex starships to transport between earth and mars Doing it in your own way.

The same rocket that just completed a successful takeoff and landing test, the SN15 prototype we’ve seen landing is very close to the final Starship product, in fact it’s actually a large stainless steel rocket ship that lifted off from a planet. Had taken flight. It can go up into space and back down again, and do it over and over again in a way that no rocket has ever done successfully with only one stop to refuel between flights.

Before it’s a real game changer, Starship will serve as a ferry between Earth and Mars, carrying some people but even more flights will deliver supplies. Starship can carry 100 metric tons of cargo on each flight, which There are about 50 Tesla models for comparison. 3 cars. Once every two years, when Earth and Mars reach their closest point in space, a fleet of starships will make a seven-month journey between the two planets.

The first crossing will be just a few ships to test the waters but after a few of these cycles we’ll be sending thousands of ships from Earth to Mars we have a full length video that goes into all the details of the journey between the two . You can check this out for even more details, but today we’re going to get right into what it would actually be like to live on Mars, clearly nobody thinks Mars is going to be a nice, comfortable place to live on day one is going to be , But how nice would that be.

The average temperature is around negative 60°C which is cold even by Canadian standards, however the extremes of summer at the equator of the planet can reach maximum temperatures of around 20°C which is pretty cool, I would say it’s a pretty solid Tanning season is here in the great white Ann.

Orth it’s great but that doesn’t mean you’ll be spending it every day kicking back in a lounge chair with a nice drink. Mars has less than one percent of what we have on Earth, so there is work to be done. There really isn’t much to do and besides having nothing to breathe there is nothing to protect the surface of Mars from cosmic radiation which is bad.

As you see the Sun sustains our life as much as we do here on Earth, it is because our atmosphere is able to block all that bad radiation that would kill us if we were exposed to it or it could turn us into superheroes But one must be prepared to find out that gravity on Mars is also very weak, Mars is much smaller than Earth, so gravity there is only about a third as strong.

Which is actually a good thing for us because the human body is going to be pretty weak after seven months of weightless space flight, so regaining strength on Mars is like trying to come back home after a long time on Earth. Would be easy, however overcoming it is going to be very challenging so these are epic dust storms that can cover the entire planet in some cases dust on Mars is going to be a big issue.

When Matt Damon was on Mars he got caught in a dust storm and all his stuff blew away and luckily he was trapped. I am being told that was just a movie and didn’t actually happen, tell me who is so cool that in real life the air on Mars would not be as big as we said on Earth the climate there is great Thin in comparison.

In a 100 kilometer dust storm on Mars the wind is blowing only 60 kilometers per hour it is the dust that is really going to be the problem it gets everywhere all our equipment is completely protected against dust Everything is going to be hard to keep the solar panels clean to shut it down and ruin it, so overall the dust storms are going to be bad but it won’t be like that scene from Mad Max.

Where everyone is cursed, they’ll be pretty quiet in comparison, so Mars certainly isn’t going to be a safe place and as Elon said people will probably die, probably not as much as Pete Davidson’s Chad died on SNL. , But like accidents involving people, the margin for error in everything on Mars would be so slim that any small mistake or equipment failure could happen.

I saw Elon tell an interviewer on CNN that he would personally only go to Mars if he knew SpaceX would continue after his death, even though boss Elon is highly optimistic about his chances of survival. . No, but there is something we can do to make Mars a more hospitable place for humans to live.

Maybe hopefully there are some theories about terraforming Mars, Elon has an idea in his head that’s kind of insane so let’s talk about that nuclear Mars that Elon tweeted about in August did. In support of his idea of terraforming the Red Planet in 2019 that we should nuclearize it, I know it’s an extreme solution, but there is some science behind it.

Although opinions are divided, the idea is that if you detonated a large number of nuclear bombs on top of the polar regions of Mars, the heat generated could melt frozen water and release large amounts of stored carbon dioxide and water vapor into the Martian atmosphere. I can leave In theory, all this newly released gas would increase the density of the atmosphere. on Mars and possibly a greenhouse effect would start which would start warming the planet.

Which makes sense on a basic scale. It’s not completely insane. But it’s hard to be sure whether Elon is serious about this idea. He’s probably having some fun. It was a reasonable one. The study released in concluded that there is not enough carbon dioxide stored on Mars, at least not that we know of, to actually cause any significant warming of the planet.

If it had been released other scientists have said that even if there was enough gas for this idea to work the whole thing could actually backfire and cause a nuclear winter event if it exploded. Used to kick up enough Krtian dust it could cover the entire planet and block out the sun for years by the way did you know we have our own Tesla Space newsletter yeah that’s great link sign Details are up, so we’re probably leaving now.

As for dealing with Mars being an inhospitable wasteland for the foreseeable future and if so how exactly do we live there, the best anyone can tell is that we either live in egg domes of dirt or live underground. so that we can all live under a series of domes, just like in Stephen King’s book On Mars, we can create miniature environments within each domed village that allow us to just relax and move around and without any Lets the spacesuit do its job.

Obviously it’s not going to be one big seamless dome. There should be no way to get it to Mars, it should be modular like a honeycomb pattern, you can stack the round sections of the dome like a can of Pringles in a starship. maybe when it gets to mars just top on and start building d om yo allon contact me for more genius engineering ideas like i have tons they will work i promise now i think Here’s a Real-Life Genius Idea Buildings on Mars Could Be 3D Printed Eggs Made of Dirt It’s true.

The company has come up with an automated process called AI Space Factory that will 3D print an egg-shaped building using materials found on Mars, looking to use basalt in combination with bioplastics to create a sustainable building material. The idea is to do this, basalt fibers would be extracted from Martian rock and the polylactic acid binding material that would make it both workable and solid would be extracted from plants that could be grown in greenhouses on Mars.

problem on mars so no problem building upwards it’s certainly a more practical idea that trying to build a humble dome with materials we’ve shipped from earth like potato chips It’s not the fantasy sci-fi Martian city we’re all probably imagining but such is life. NASA has already shown its support for the AI Space Factory.

He awarded the company 500 000 in a 2015 competition to find the most promising Marshall architecture. Now we know how much Elon Musk loves tunnels, so if he has his way we’re sure Mars will see some level of underground activity that could be really useful. A transportation network to move people and supplies around the colony.

Especially if we go with the egg city idea and not the giant dome carrying people and goods underground. Protect them from dust storms and we could have an entire network of automated robotic vehicles operating perpetually below the surface, like people living permanently underground.

But realistically the thought of living underground for years on another planet is enough to drive a person insane and it probably wouldn’t be sustainable to power a Mars colony from a mental health perspective. Solar power is the best idea we have so far but it comes with some additional challenges.

The energy available from the Sun on Mars is about 40 percent less than what is provided to us on Earth, so this is a big problem and even in the best case scenario we need to power any reasonably sized colony on Mars. A staggering amount of solar panels would be needed, then we throw in the added complication of dust if the colony gets caught in a dust storm that saps energy from the sun. Even on days without storms, dust will regularly build up on top of the panels.

will reduce their effectiveness, so we’ll either need to deal with an automated system that consumes even more of that precious electricity or have people do it. Cleaning dust from solar panels could become the number one occupation on Mars, we could also extract hydrogen from frozen water on Mars, it’s a bit more difficult, we’d need electricity to run mining operations, it probably An energy solution is long term.

This isn’t doing us any good in the early days of life on Mars, so getting enough energy to power our technology will be a struggle or will it be so much of our technology now that it consumes less power As the model continues to grow, it is possible that we may be able to work our way out of this problem in the next few years, take for example the new Apple M1 chip, Apple has figured out how to integrate the CPU, GPU, and RAM. How to add a small chip and it is very powerful.

The M1 chip can perform as well or better than most desktop PC systems and requires minimal energy to operate and requires no cooling system, currently no fan. ENT MacBook Air M1 is also going to the new iPad Pro this year, so if we can cram a full-sized computer into a tablet from 2019 to 2021 I’m fairly optimistic that by 2030 we’ll have the ability to walk on Mars.

colonization of minimal solar power now the next big question is who is going to go does this mean you and i could live on mars someday yes it is definitely a possibility the first people will land on mars apparently They will be scientists and engineers, they will be a very complex task, and Elon wants to start uncrewed landings on Mars as early as 2024, and they’re not going to do it just for fun, to supply people to the ships Will load with going.

Mars has to start building the base. We may also have automated systems that have already started working by the time people arrive. I think Elon is still optimistic that crewed flights could reach Mars by 2026. But more realistically it probably happens around 2030, but for the rest of us there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful, with the 2040s opening up opportunities for mass migration to begin.

Elon wants to encourage people to move the planet by offering them good jobs. Mars Once really smart people get things set up, you won’t need to be a genius to be useful on Mars, there should be plenty of opportunities for farmers, traders, mechanics, youtubers.

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