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Elon Musk: “Tesla Optimus AI Bot Will Transform Industries”

Elon Musk: "Tesla Optimus AI Bot Will Transform Industries"

A while back Elon Musk blamed robots for sending Tesla into production hell, stating that it is always better to use humans for specific jobs so you can imagine the surprise and shock when Elon Musk Companies floated by with their ambitious goals of creating a humanoid.

Robots Anyone Can Use But Times Are Changing This isn’t the first time a tech company has launched a robot into the scene, so the question is whether Tesla’s humanoid robot is going to do something we’ve never seen before have seen? Haven’t seen it, so what is Tesla bringing? Table with its robot After months of speculation and discussion about the potential of this project, the first prototype is finally ready.

It will be revealed at Tesla’s AI Day on September 30, fueling the anticipation of analysts, investors and tech enthusiasts everywhere as experts give their thoughts on Tesla’s bots. And stick around because we have all the details, these robots called Tesla Bot or Optimus were first announced on Tesla’s AI Day this year, the goal is to create friendly robots that can cut down on labor costs and dangerous boring Can replace and perform repetitive activities.

So people don’t need to because Elon Musk, an actor dancing on stage in a robot-like bodysuit, describes a future where robots can actively participate in the human world and perform everyday tasks like grocery shopping. Buying groceries, cooking dinner, taking care of elderly people, and running lots of errands for human owners. We already have equipment to do daily tasks like washing and cleaning.

Do it with simple instructions, the results are pretty impressive by any standard, even though the robot’s name Optimus is an allusion to the mighty leader of the Autobots in the hit series Transformers. Elon Musk assured the audience that these robots would do Transformers after Musk. Nothing Like It is well aware of the artificial intelligence in danger and noted that the design is expected to be 5.8 inches tall and weigh about 125 pounds, based on the Tesla Optimus report.

Designed to perform the toughest tasks, as the robot makes it possible for humans to overpower, these humanoid robots can deadlift a maximum of 150 pounds and run at a speed of 5 mph. It can carry a maximum of 45 pounds. And a few shopping bags should be able to carry the baby without much difficulty. The robot’s face will act as a screen and display all the useful information the owner needs to know while performing varying movements to get the company’s Autopilot team working.

We’ll get to see when the prototype is revealed later this year, parts of the robot will use tools such as auto labeling and multicam video neural networks found in the Tesla Card, it’s unclear what the robot will actually look like As must confirm the prototype is nothing like the model they released earlier as with any working concept the specs of the robot are subject to change.

More improvements are made and we are far from releasing the final model but who knows it may be able to deadlift 400 pounds and run at 10 mph when all is said and done musk Realized that humanoid robots still need to receive clear instructions as they are not intelligent enough to navigate the human world but Tesla will leverage its skilled manpower and knowledge in AI to create smarter robots.

Held to very high standards the plan is to eventually deploy millions of humanoid robots around the world and make them easily accessible to the world but it is likely to carry a large price tag for the optimists when it was first released And it can come in different models so that users have a chance to choose that when this product is successfully achieved Tesla’s humanoid robot will be the most valuable product in Tesla’s arsenal musk.

predicts it will be worth more than the car business and self-driving cars, making it a prime investment for you, as tech enthusiasts around the world wait to see the first prototype, watch this video Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more amazing videos. Musk described the Optimus as a higher priority product than other highly anticipated products such as the Tesla Semi in the Cybertruck pickup as a way to show its dedication to the product, and at the moment Tesla is on a hiring spree for the experts that will lead it.

They’re confident the first prototype of the robot will be ready this year, but experts aren’t sure Elon Musk can meet that deadline. The Tesla CEO is known for optimistic announcements and predictions that end years ahead of schedule. One example that comes to mind is the $25,000 self-driving car they said would launch by 2023 but it seems Tesla is even working on the project without even delivering 1 million Robo taxis.

Disclosure is advised to be taken with a pinch of salt but some investors and experts don’t believe Tesla can justify the cost of placing these general purpose robots in people’s homes, factories and elsewhere and it’s not hard to see why. That’s why with these humanoid robots Elon Musk and Tesla would have to do something really impressive if it can only pick up objects and say program words to make the robot dance.

It won’t impress anyone, after all Optimus is going to be a major selling point. company and it wouldn’t be if they came up with something we’ve already seen, it’s also a good time to remember that humanoid robots have been in the development stages for decades by Hyundai Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co.’s Boston Dynamics unit. Huh. One big problem with robots is that no one has understood, just like with self-driving cars, that humanoid robots are not flexible in unpredictable situations. Making robots that are just as capable as humans in extreme situations challenging for any company.

No matter how experienced they are, if Tesla hasn’t come close to solving full self-driving, how can it claim to produce a robot that can do most human tasks this year or next. Why experts are skeptical that Optimus will live up to the hype Sean Ajimi, a member of NASA’s efficient robotics team, talks about why self-driving cars haven’t actually proved to be as easy as one thought for humanoid robots. Same is the case with you.

Some analysts still see Optimus as an attempt to distract people with an exciting new product that offers more spectacle than use. Investors share similar sentiments because there is little likelihood that that the project will work on a larger scale. It’s common to see robots used to perform specific tasks in factories and further the production process, yet the general-purpose robots Elon Musk intends to build are based on Elon’s experience with Loot.

Oates factoring this in and mentioning the importance of technicians managing the robot is another area that skeptics noted at the end of the day there are some things only a human can do and a humanoid to replicate that activity Robots will be tough to get but Elon Musk has a history of proving critics wrong, he started the electric car industry with Tesla, it is making great strides with its rocket company SpaceX in its effort to build a civilization on Mars.

If Muskin shows that this prototype works even a little bit undocumented it will boost Tesla’s stock Turn the skeptics around and establish Tesla’s place as a dominant name in the tech industry Tesla’s Optimus will probably be the company’s biggest hit this year One of the anticipated products, many are wondering if Tesla is about to start another revolution like it did with the electrification of the car but Optimus won’t be the only major thing shown off at AI Day as the company will focus on its fu Can also announce big updates.

Self-driving beta tests while optimistic can’t replace humans we all have to wait and see what Elon Musk has in store for us and how it could change our society in the future Do you think we should see its rise Should be prepared to have a robot army or Elon Musk to do something with Optimus.

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