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Elon Musk: “SpaceX Terrible Discovery on Mars”

Elon Musk recently revealed SpaceX’s terrifying discovery on Mars, it turns out that mankind can set up bases on other planets and provide them with oxygen using new technologies, which we’ve covered here today. Discovered on Earth, it is unlikely that humans will be able to go to Mars, according to a space medicine doctor.

Billionaire Elon Musk hopes to send humans to his planet in 2026 He was speaking to the National on the occasion of the U.S., where he said that spacecraft and spacesuits should have some technology that can prevent radiation from harming humans.

After a long journey to the red planet and landing on it he said that the main obstacle is radiation so we haven’t gone to other planetary bodies, according to him there have been a lot of studies here in simulating those neurons but we still can’t achieve There are various aspects that are being looked into, for example if we should use certain drugs to make them radio resistant.

We need to shield our environment NASA hopes to one day send humans to Mars through its Artemis program that aims to build a sustainable one. At the same time China plans to send humans to the Red Planet in Year 2 for astronauts to have a human presence on the Moon to eventually travel from there to Mars.

For the first time, it landed on Mars without a crew, but most notably, the SpaceX company founded by Elon Musk is building the Starship which is the world’s largest rocket and will eventually take humans to Mars as well as deep space missions, though There are some concerns about whether the rocket will be able to withstand secondary radiation.

It is caused by primary radiation and can take the form of electromagnetic waves or moving particles, even though humans have been able to survive short-duration visits to radiation levels on the Moon. For travel to be possible the Red Planet would need shielding usually those exposed to intense radiation.

They are prone to many health problems such as cancer and damage to the central nervous system, both of which can prove fatal if exposed. Narayan Mujdi said secondary radiation is the problem that comes from primary radiation that bombards space capsules or your habitat.

Astronaut crew will face when they are alone in deep space with each other for nine months and away from loved ones There are analog missions to Earth that have also been conducted that simulate space travel.

He said they are confined to a very small environment, how are they going to react to it psychologically and socially if it is a one mile mission it is going to last two to three years, for that we need a lot of Study is needed if it is a long duration mission and we can’t make out all the risk factors involved in analog missions then Saleh al-Ameri is an MRT working on an analog mission in Russia.

He has been living in a closed environment that simulates a trip to the Moon and Mars with six international crew members, scientists are monitoring their behavior round the clock and they will study what happens inside the facility. What psychological effects did they face?

Another study published earlier this month confirms that the water electrolysis process that uses electricity to split water particles into hydrogen and oxygen does, in fact, work.At low gravity levels the researchers found that the production of oxygen through electrolysis decreased by 11 percent only under moonless gravity conditions.

A senior lecturer in chemistry at the University of Glasgow said that if Mars has water ice, it could also be electrolyzed to form oxygen and hydrogen. These could then be used to bring rockets from Mars back to Earth, but this research on why could help make some of the biggest space plans come true.

It was announced in 2017 that humans would reach Mars in 2020 to establish a base and eventually build one. Cities by 2050. Musk explained at a 2017 event that astronauts can use water and carbon dioxide to produce fuel for reusable spacecraft. Electrolysis is key to creating liquid oxygen, he said.

which can be used to return ships although you may be wondering how they did it well the latest research looks at how low gravity affects the electrolysis process Research has done electrolysis at several strengths of gravity It is eight times more powerful than Earth, ranging from 0.166 g to 8 g, similar to the Moon.

The master gravity is about 0.38 g. Oxygen production decreased by only 11 percent. Also it is important to note that this process works and may provide resources for establishing a lunar base but what does it mean for humans on the Moon when NASA already has resources? As is using to use Mars.

The Mars Oxygen In Situ Resource Utilization Experiment or MOXy Extracted Oxygen was first performed in April 2021 by collecting atmospheric CO2 and a different electrolysis process using MOXy was a success but a future version would have to be larger than the device currently 10 g.

Oxygen about the size of a toaster leaving Mars would require 55,000 pounds of oxygen per hour which means it would require a Ma . This latest discovery has provided astronauts with an alternative source of oxygen.

There are many possibilities for explorers to hunt water ice to harvest excess oxygen. Musk wants to build bigger cities and even terraform the planet to make it habitable. What the longer but latest research means, as Sims says, is a bit beyond my expertise.

But in general I would say that anything that allows or facilitates humans to spend time on these other planets without a constant re-supply from Earth is one step towards a self-sustaining infrastructure and on the other hand Musk tweeted. That if we are able to make life on Mars self-sustaining, we will pass one of the biggest filters that prepares us to become interstellar. Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, he said.

Old but life is still not multi-planetary and it is highly uncertain how much time is left for this to happen and surprisingly Musk’s long-term vision is on our side in a self-sustaining city like a solar-powered hydroponic farm and vegetarian diet Looks like, he said in an interview that the next really big thing is to build a self-sustaining city on Mars and bring Earth’s animals and creatures there.

Like the Noah’s Ark of the future we will bring more than two, although it is a bit strange if only two of Elon’s Mars City will house humans and animals until the terraforming process is complete, but they are in domes of glass The idea is to modify the surface of Mars so it can support life like ours but terraforming humans will eventually be able to live on the Red Planet without oxygen masks or glass domes.

But even Musk said terraforming would be too slow to be relevant in our lifetimes.

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