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Elon Musk Sheds 9 Kilos, Shares Diet Plan On Twitter

Elon Musk Sheds 9 Kilos, Shares Diet Plan On Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is most active on social media. His over 100 million followers on Twitter regularly interact with him through posts and Twitter threads.

Tesla chief talks about it From latest ventures to his life stories Elon Musk reveals about his weight loss journey and shares regular diet plan with his followers.

Instead of intermittent fasting without taking any pills or substitutes while traveling, Elon Musk revealed in a Twitter post that he is fasting periodically which makes him feel great.

When asked about his weight in a Twitter thread, the SpaceX founder revealed that he has already lost from 20 pounds to over 10 kilograms before starting his actual weight loss journey.

Elon Musk has been quite open about his love for food. In various interviews and talk shows, he emphasized on food and talked about his desire to work without having to work. In recent times, his father Erol Musk has spoken out about his healthy eating patterns and the former has been criticized for his holistic lifestyle.

Senior Musk on a talk show said that Elon is very strong but he is eating badly He even suggested his son to start diet pills It seems Elon Musk asked his father to lose some weight Adopted a healthy lifestyle He followed the natural way with healthy diet and exercise instead of diet pills.

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