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Elon Musk Says “I Will Delete Facebook” Then He Delete That Tweet

Elon Musk has just asked everyone to delete his Facebook because of this we all know that Elon Musk is not a fan of Facebook or Zuckerberg and the tech billionaire doesn’t even have a Facebook account but he has the power to tell people to leave.

Is very outspoken on twitter and some might say that he is too outspoken and causing a lot of trouble but his heart is usually in the right place in one of his tweets, he mentioned a platform he feels That’s better. Are you a fan of Elon Musk, you would know that the CEO is not a huge fan of social media platforms like Twitter and especially Facebook.

Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been at odds with each other since the explosion of a SpaceX rocket in 2016, a problem occurred during a routine pre-launch static fire test at SpaceX’s Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40 at around 907 p.m. The Amos 6 mission resulted in the loss of the spacecraft, a SpaceX spokesman said in a statement released Thursday afternoon by Phil Larson, adding that the abnormality began near the upper stage oxygen tank.

This happened during propellant loading of the vehicle, all crew pads were clean as per normal operating practice and no injuries were reported We are still looking at the data to find out what is going on as I am here Sitting in Africa, I was deeply disappointed to learn that SpaceX’s launch failure wiped out our satellite.

That’s what the Internet would have to offer, many entrepreneurs and others across the continent wrote on Facebook in 2016, hours after the tragedy. Fortunately new technologies like Aquila have been created to connect those who are dedicated to our purpose of connecting all of us and we will continue to work until everyone has access.

It is likely that this satellite would have brought it to Facebook’s giant Internet beaming drone z. Continues to refer to Uckerberg’s comment that appears to be a dig for a tweet from SpaceX and Tesla’s fellow tech billionaire Elon Musk CEO, as well as other electric car makers, that the issue was related to the rocket’s upper stage oxygen tank .

Although the specific issue is yet unknown, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket being tested at the time of the accident was not scheduled for launch until September 3, following the incident in 2018 with no fatalities as a result of the incident, Musk said he didn’t realize Tesla did not realize SpaceX Facebook sites existed and that the network had pages for his firms, Musk tweeted in March 2018.

I do not use Facebook and never believe that I am some kind of motto or my business after Musk deleted his company Facebook profile saying this is not a political statement and I did not because someone told me it I don’t care about Facebook, it gives me creeps. Y Musk also deactivated his Instagram account in August 2018.

Facebook owns Instagram Steve Wozniak The co-founder of Apple canceled his Facebook account in April 2018 and advised others to do the same in July, there are many different types of person that Wozniak told tmz and some The benefits of facebook are worth the sacrifice of privacy, however my advice to many people including me is to find a way to get out of facebook.

Elon Musk’s opposition to Facebook’s business practices and personal persuasive data policies, whose user platforms are subject to Facebook’s policies, has been a subject of debate over the past few years as more and more information has been made available that Facebook’s policies against Facebook. In its ongoing federal antitrust investigation against what kind of data Facebook sells to third parties in 2021.

The Trade Commission has filed an updated complaint alleging that Facebook has resorted to illegal buyout or berry tactics, gaining its dominance after several failed attempts to build the revolutionary mobile.

Features for its network illegally bought out shrewd competitors with popular mobile features that failed Facebook’s own services or to maintain its monopoly. The ever-increasing constraints placed on its users by the lack of real competitors capable of completing a surveillance-based advertising business Facebook lacks the business sense and technical capability needed to weather the mobile revolution.

When their popularity becomes an existential threat, Facebook is illegally acquired or buried. After failing to compete with new entrepreneurs, she said Holly Vedova, FTC Bureau of Competition acting director. This behavior is similarly anti-competitive. Facebook has enacted anti-trust laws designed to prevent monopolies from engaging in unlawful behavior in order not to bribe new app competitors.

Facebook’s actions have blocked innovation and improved product quality. They have also spoiled the social network’s experience by giving users less privacy and data protection as well as more intrusive advertising, The FTC’s action today aims to stop this illegal practice. and to restore competition for the benefit of honesty.

Following the court’s June 28 decision on the FTC’s original lawsuit, companies and Americans alike filed an updated complaint with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, adding additional data and information in the updated complaint to support the FTC’s claim. Evidence has been included that Facebook is a monopolist that has abused its market power to destroy those who challenge it for dominance.

According to the revised complaint, the advent of smartphones and mobile Internet in 2010 was a significant transition time in the history of the Internet and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that we are vulnerable on mobile at that time and a major stakeholder. Was that Facebook’s mobile vulnerability runs the risk of being overtaken by another network.

Facebook found it lacked the business capability and engineering ability to rapidly and adequately merge its old desktop-based technology into the new era of mobile-first communications. Facing substantial setbacks during the last critical transition phase, Facebook’s leadership unable to maintain its monopoly or ad revenue by competing appropriately, responded to this existential threat with emerging mobile innovators such as Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. The corporation fulfilled its anti-competitive buying spree by purchasing the same.

With an open first-close latter strategy that helped consolidate its monopoly by severely limiting rivals and the ability of rivals to compete on the basis of merit, Facebook undermined the competitive process and reduced competition to its individual Reduced customer choice by consolidating social networking monopolies.

After launching the Facebook platform as an open platform for third-party software developers, Facebook unexpectedly changed direction and forced developers to comply with terms that were successful, according to the updated lawsuit. programs from becoming a competitive challenge to Facebook.

The moment of technological transition by defrauding and switching developers to Facebook’s open access rules was impacted by new restrictions on their ability to collaborate on Facebook’s tasks, affecting not only developers such as Circle and Path but users with potential and Disruptive Mavericks Denied.

Facebook has pushed to increase its own goods and services, so how does it all affect Musk in January 2021 WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy policy and terms of service, with users agreeing to the change Agreed to share your WhatsApp data on Facebook.

After the change in WhatsApp policy, all users and current users were threatened with account deletion if they did not agree to the new terms.

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