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Elon Musk says colonization of Mars is the only reliable way to preserve humanity.

The kind of global crisis awaits us Save our planet Solar energy There is a mini nuclear reactor and when will human foot set foot on Mars Welcome to the Tech Zone channel Visionary Inventor Industrialist and Entrepreneur CEO of Tesla Automobiles Company & Private Almost everyone has heard of the space company SpaceX.

Name But does everyone know what Elon is? Musk Dreams About 15 years ago even space seemed to be monopolized by massive state-owned companies but then Elon Musk appeared He proved that even a private company can explore space.

Fifteen years ago it didn’t even have a rocket and now it’s sending people into space and Elon Musk really wants to colonize Mars.

Ambitious project visionary believes that colonization of Mars is the only reliable way to preserve humanity According to the entrepreneur it is necessary to populate the red planet for the future of mankind this is a reliable way to protect us by 2100 Civilization already.

There should be about a million First a neighboring settlement planet will allow us to preserve civilization if a disaster happens earth itself second planetary settlement system is something like this colonists will get the fruit of mars settlement and they themselves will have hard time.

When humans foot into the surface of the Red Planet on Twitter for the first time in an estimated year ie 2029 but how a valid question arises if you provide a spacecraft with such amount of fuel required to go from Earth to Mars.

The ship cannot fly easily there is no other option yes and it is nuclear power in the past decade scientists have been actively talking about increasing the amount of energy produced by nuclear power plants and it is not as dangerous as some people .

Think the thing is, it’s still the only effective method of energy extraction that’s not related to carbon burning. I’m talking about removing humanity from oil barrels to discover such a phenomenon as the greenhouse effect right the risk of global warming. are increasing every year.

But another new problem has been added to it. You have heard about the 21st century energy crisis. Few people know about this situation. Modern public and you will not hear about it from politicians although both public and politician are aware of other views.

Rejection of carbon energy is required. According to him global warming is a disaster and to avoid this carbon fuel must be abandoned. The fact is that the reserves of oil, coal and gas on earth are not unlimited and humanity will not be there for almost half a century.

To be able to meet all your needs with them would be much worse. Consequences this problem has become especially noticeable against the background of recent events in Ukraine due to sanctions against Russia in the rise in oil and gas prices happened.

For the first time, a European country faced the fact that it would be very difficult to live without oil and gas. It can be called a test version of the upcoming energy crisis. Considered these events and commented Elon Musk to the world community Called for starting dormant nuclear power plants.

For and increasing capacity of existing Tesla and SpaceX Elon heads Musk acknowledged that he considers nuclear energy safe enough.

Energy panels obtained with the help of solar power but during a complete transition to it it is necessary to build more nuclear power plants npp or at least not to stop the existing ones billionaire assured at the Italian Technology Week Event Elone Musk told how much.

Rant he was by the fact that how soon the chairman of the board of the automobile company Stallantis and Ferrari John Elkan also supported Musk’s opinion about Elkin nuclear power plants we see how energy prices are going up gas coal Uranium etc.

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