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Tesla Bot, Elon Musk Reveals Tesla Bot


Tesla Bot

Tesla Bot, Let’s go into detail, about Elon Musk’s Tesla bot, this is something that actually just happened. And upon hearing this many things come to mind. So let’s get into it. Now after hearing these things, which must have come to your mind, which presentation is Tesla going to do.It really matters a lot if you frame it a certain way, but you have to break a few things first to get there.

So Tesla, Tesla is a car company and it’s built the Tesla bot, and I’ve reviewed their cars, we’ve seen their announcements, their factories, maybe we’ll call it a vehicle company. He has a truck.Whenever you analyze the Mercedes of the world or the Audi or BMW of the world, I can never picture those organizations as programming organizations, yet for Tesla, that is their principle advantage. Which is very much liked by the people, and I like it too.

Why did Elon Musk build the Tesla bot?

This isn’t a direct result of high-target planning or predetermined courses, Elon Musk wants Tesla robots to be fully capable of using them to make tasks easier, based on Tesla’s own sensors, Or using most cameras, and constantly filtering his environment. Making thousands less on the fly decisions in real time. And then, all the miles driven with this autopilot are used to upload the data back to their servers and train the entire fleet.The bigger it gets, the faster it can get better.This requires a lot of computing, a lot of horsepower to be clear, and a lot of smart code. You might not have heard of it, but they do it every year.

They live-stream a lot of discussions with Tesla engineers about PC Vision and how their neural organization has evolved over the long term and their focus on building independent vehicles, so that they have all the information they need, and they don’t have to worry about anything. There should not be any kind of trouble, so that their work continues continuously.This year, they unveiled their new custom D1 chip, which is a chip designed and manufactured entirely by a car company specifically designed to integrate Tesla’s full self-driving algorithms based on driving footage. Designed to train even faster. And they’re going to replace basically all of their GPUs that they’re currently using.This supercomputer is designed for computer vision machine learning. It’s a big deal. Tesla is arguably the biggest robotics company in the world because our cars are, as I said, semi-sensory robots on wheels.

Will the Tesla bot be used?

Like it’s Tesla’s AI day and they’re giving a show and they’re trying to make a show as good as possible for nomination purposes, and they call it a robot, because it’s like a robot, Which is called the Tesla robot, and the machine has been used extensively. Elon Musk’s Tesla robot is being shown love by the logo.In this way you can understand it mentally. So this is what is happening. It’s a bunch of sensors scanning their environment and making a bunch of decisions based on that.

Based on this to train future versions of it. That’s just what’s happening in self-driving cars. So I can see it making sense. As Elon said – putting it in a human structure seems somewhat legitimate. And we have tried to make it in a good way, that it should work like human life, and it can do work like humans, but these tesla robots have been made carefully, and tesla robot Called Tesla Bot.

What is the difference between Elon Musk’s Tesla bot and a human?

It’s a 5’8, 125 pound, sleek looking black and white human-sized robot with a screen with this face mask on. It’s got a hand with, you know, a full 10 fingers. It has legs, but not with toes. It’s quite slow. Tesla bot will work like humans, we have done many things well. but they work so well as a bodyWe mostly stick with ergonomics designed for humans. But when it’s not designed for humans, like this upright bipedal object that’s balancing all the time, it’s not very efficient. We just did a RetroTech episode regarding this with regards to humanoid robots.

We contacted people and experts regarding this. This is the loud Tesla Robotic System, to make a robot do one thing, you wouldn’t want to make it look like a human for the most part. You have to prepare it for a single assignment and make it as effective as possible in that one undertaking.Mainstream society has been fixed with humanoid robots all the time. As if we can’t count every single instance of humanoid-sized robots in movies and TV shows for a long time. This Tesla robot will do more work than humans, because its system is like this.

It’s something we’ve been fascinated by since the beginning. There are endless versions of this. But it turns out, the ideal way to let a robot vacuum do the floor for you isn’t to build a human-sized robot that pushes the vacuum around.This is to vacuum the robot. You don’t want a humanoid robot dishwasher robot standing over the sink doing the dishes for you. Tesla knows this.

Easy Points:-
      • There is no humanoid sized robot driving the vehicle for you in your vehicle. Self-driving vehicles that drive themselves have been eliminated by now.
      • So the short description of what you’d need to do a human-sized robot is short as work isn’t typically done around a human structure.
      • One example that he repeatedly gave in his AI Day presentation was grocery shopping. You know, you go to the grocery store, you get a cart or a basket and you pick up some things and put them in the basket.
      • You’ll need a bunch of different peripherals and things to pull this off, and maybe a human-sized robot would be fine for that.
        There isn’t anything I can think of.
      • Maybe I’m short-sighted. But I remember when I talked with Elon at the factory a few years ago.

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