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Elon Musk Reveals SpaceX Plan To Colonize Mars

Elon Musk

It’s more than 50 years since Neil Armstrong took the giant step that changed the human race today, there’s a new space race in town and this time the next destination is our planet neighbor Mars. For the bulk of the new space race, there has been widespread debate over whether humans can survive on the Mars Planet.

It has been a topic of discussion not only in the world of science but also in private agencies and public corporations as shown by Elon Musk, the richest man in all and the founder of one of the world’s largest space agencies.

There is so much interest in this subject and it has made colonizing Mars one of the missions of his life. Today we’re going to learn more about how Elon plans to colonize Mars one of the most popular sentiments in the world of science is that our Earth will someday become unfit.

Dangerous for us When this happens the only way for humanity to survive would be to move to our next door neighbor Mars. Although finding an alternate world as important as NASA is, at least according to Elon Musk it was not nearly enough with respect to transferring humans from Earth.

So he did what any space-enthusiast billionaire would do to create his own space agency. This has been the story of SpaceX since inception. Elon Musk of the billion-dollar company has made his intentions clear that his goal is to bring humanity to Mars.

Of all the planets in our solar system, for good reason Mars is the closest planet to our plane with a distance of 140 million miles. But that doesn’t mean getting there is a walk in the park because the gravity of a planet is 38 times greater than that of Earth.

Although Mars receives both a sufficient amount of sunlight and cold that makes it possible for humans and Elon Musk to believe that the first humans to live on Mars will die, Elon claims that On the bright side they must have satisfied their curiosity which is not even the most difficult part of the travel journey.

Elon Musk Reveals SpaceX Plan To Colonize Mars

It will take about six months to get to Mars, 1000 spacecraft and a million tons of vitamin C to actually survive there. According to Elon Musk, it would have to have its own independent system for humans to survive and live on Mars forever.

Colonizing Mars appears to be nearly impossible, but there have been major starships and the need to resupply them for many years, now the issue of ships returning from Mars to Earth is also a significant problem for NASA. Mainly because they have supplies when humans move permanently.

Life on Mars is different from life on Earth and it will be difficult to survive there if we ever run out of supplies but Elon has a plan he intends to send a starship on the back of a super heavy booster called the Big Falcon Also called.

Rocket or BFR it will take about 13 tons in space if you are wondering that yes SpaceX has the resources to pull it currently the company claims the most powerful rocket B ooster in the world called Falcon Heavy.

The BFR is 25 stories high with about 42 powerful Raptor engines that according to Elon can lift an entire Boeing 747; the rocket will propel the Starship into space and will then be joined by a similar booster that will assist SpaceX for this Starship Transportation System. The trip is planned to be done using reusable Starship rockets thrice a day.

These rockets would be capable of carrying one hundred tonnes of payload on each of their flights, the average number of flights per year being one thousand. This means that a total of one million tons of cargo will be in orbit ready for delivery to Mars every year, with one million people traveling from Earth to Mars every 26 months.

This is because Earth and Mars are only best aligned for interplanetary travel. Once in two years these ships are in motion in space they consume a lot of fuel so SpaceX intends to refuel the ships.

Currently every SpaceX employee is working round the clock during the journey to Mars as Elon Musk is planning to land on Mars in 2022 or 2023, Elon Musk has said that it will take years for humans to conquer Mars. Successfully but when we do then life will be very different from what we know on Mars The power will be restricting our every move.

We would easily grow our food on underground solar powered hydroponic farms or in an enclosed structure where, according to Elon, their ships would land near subsurface water and ice deposits in relation to Starship’s landing area where their ships could easily find it.

The colony is filled with liquid methane and liquid oxygen, enough sunlight to power the array of solar panels to power SpaceX ships, both of which can easily be obtained on Mars using the Sabathia process.

This is a huge advantage for SpaceX because the process of burning fuel is obviously easy. Booster and save cost Elon is not only concerned about conquering Mars.

Rather he is also interested in making life easier for humans on Earth and one of the ways he does this is with his boring company This company was founded with an intention to deal with the stress of transportation but now Mars The planet’s craze is planning to take the billionaire company to Mars.

According to the CEO, boring technology will be used to dig up the surface of Mars to give us access to subsurface water, it will also be used to build underground camps for humans. When it comes to Mars, to keep us safe from the harsh environment of the planet, Elon Musk has repeatedly said that he is ready to use any resource.

What he can lay his hands on and the look of things the CEO means to his every word reports that not only is Starlink one of Musk’s projects being augmented to build communication lines between Earth and Mars , the SpaceX boss also plans to use autonomous vehicles to accomplish the d.

Difficult and distant missions range from transferring resources from Earth for Mars colonists to refueling starships on Mars, but before that we have to confirm that Mars is ready to accommodate us before we leave Earth.

Because Elon Musk has confirmed that the first set of starships that will land on Mars will only have the necessary machines and equipment to help us settle on Mars and any place that can peak interest.

They will determine any future threats and help establish the necessary infrastructure for further exploration such as launch restrictions for subsequent crewed spaceships upon success of the first set of launches, with SpaceX proceeding to a 7:02 second stage , which is the plan to land humans on the planet as the first humans. Which will definitely land on Mars.

Astronauts would be because the safety of human life on the planet would require further evaluation. While E Lone indicated that humanity would be based on Mars by 2028, some experts argued that otherwise they believed that by then humanity would Will not be able to conquer Mars.

But if there’s one thing we all know about Elon it’s that impossibility doesn’t exist in his dictionary. Man is determined to make Mars its environment completely change the temperature of the atmosphere you name it and turn it absolutely Earth.

This means that Mars will have to undergo a complete overhaul to completely mirror what life is like on Earth right now, with the ambitious plan of course even bigger agencies like NASA have their reservations, the US APEC space agency believes. It is likely that Mars will never become Earth 2.0.

Elon Musk still isn’t bonding because of its atmospheric density. SpaceX is currently building and operating the first set of Starship orbital vehicles.

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