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Elon Musk Reveals Plan To Colonize Mars

Elon Musk Reveals Plan To Colonize Mars, Surely life on earth is great and after all we are going to use up all the resources of this planet if mankind wants to survive we have to find out where we’re going from here or maybe Should Earth be more populated and force us to consider living on another planet.

Elon Musk One of the World’s Most Incredible Minds Has Seen the Stars and Sets His Vision on the Red Planet Lives Up to the End Finding Out How Much Elon Plans to Charge to Transfer People to Mars Tesla’s Elon Musk plans to colonize Mars, before Tesla Elon Musk can get to know the brilliant mind born in Pretoria South on June 28, 1971.

Africa ACU as if he already showed signs of being smarter than the average person according to his dear old father, he was always an introverted thinker, for example playing games and partying instead of going to the library to Elon I could be found reading as many books as she could find four children who were bullied continuously even during their school days, they were even sent to the hospital once.

After graduating from high school, he was so badly beaten by bullies that he went to college in Canada for a few years but finished his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He received degrees in both physics and economics from Elon. makes perfect sense for his life, he wanted to get his PhD from Stanford, but he dropped out of school after two days because he wanted to give the internet boom a try.

He started a few online companies and even became the CEO of PayPal for a while as we now know that he is the CEO of Tesla, as well as the founding CEO and lead designer of SpaceX. Given that Elon is so smart t and his net worth is in the billions when it comes to colonizing Mars under his company.

So SpaceX Elon released its plans for this effort in a talk they gave back in October 2017. He also published an academic paper on the matter. According to his plans there should be 1 million people involved in colonizing Mars which is about the size of a large city, the first thing he wants to do, which will be the foundation of colonizing Mars.

If that doesn’t sound familiar then build a starship. It was previously known as the Big Falcon Rocket or BFR Starship will be a 35-story spacecraft that it planned to begin construction in early 2018. While we have no word on when exactly this will be completed Elon intends to launch the first commercial starship in 2023 Elon’s specialty is transportation and technology.

So he wants to make sure the colonists can move around with state-of-the-art space vehicles, not only will his starship provide flights to Mars but he also hopes to use the spacecraft for high-speed transport around the world and that Not kidding about the high speed part for example traveling from Los Angeles to New York City will only take 25 minutes.

Since he is using technology as a base the Mars starship Elon figured out a way to use the material, He’s already at his disposal for this effort, so let’s break it down a bit more for you, let’s talk about Starship first while it’s formally known as the big Falcon Rocket Elon, which is actually called big.

Effin rocket sorry kiddos we have to censor the cos word out there we already know rocket will be about 35 stories but let’s take a look at some other numbers that will be able to carry about 100 people which is really remarkable The will starship is that it will be reusable to make travel to Mars more economical, 35000 cubic feet of pressurized space inside making the starship. surprisingly huge.

The payload itself will be about 180 feet long which is 10 times larger than the space shuttle’s living quarters. The Starship will have two active rocket fins in the front and three at the rear, also 31 raft engines that will not only propel the Starship to Mars but all therefore give it a controlled landing via supersonic retro propulsion, according to Elon, to BFR somewhere in the Solar System. It’s also designed to take off, before we move on with all the specs.

To put it simply, Elon thinks humans may be a multi-planetary species, but more importantly, that it will ensure the survival of mankind should there ever be a third world war, what worries many people nowadays is the fact that nuclear tensions are on the rise according to Elon Mars far away from Earth, but nuclear There must be war.

The Red Planet would not be negatively affected by this, this would be more efficient than attempting a Moon base because the Moon is reportedly too close to Earth to not feel some nuclear impact. When it comes to the fight for where humans will live Elon also has a theory that unregulated artificial intelligence has taken more to lead to the death of humans than a third world war involving nuclear weapons, in fact a third world war. Trying to take over the world.

But basically if and when the next world war happens the earth will fall into darkness of age and Elon wants to be prepared which is also essential in the plans to colonize Mars, is the fact that Elon needs money to pay for it. Even though SpaceX has a lot of money, they’re investing in some of the most expensive endeavor. If you want to get a trip on a starship and transfer to Mars, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

According to the Elon academic paper the optimistic cost would be around $10 billion per person if you are thinking that Elon is well aware that a price tag like that will not help the survival of mankind, but if you compare this ticket to the past If we want to do the Apollo Moon mission, the cost of that program is about a hundred to 200 billion in today’s dollars and we’ve only sent 12 people to the Moon.

NASA was getting some funding from the government but Elon doesn’t want the mission to Mars to survive the richest kind of situation, that’s why Elon wants to make Starship as efficient as possible while still aiming for average To reduce the cost down to the median home price which is about two million dollars, we can already see that instead of financing to buy a house people will be financing to pay for their relocation to Mars.

It doesn’t sound too crazy when we keep it that way now let’s do it while Elon has talked a lot about technology, how we’ll get to Mars and how we’ll pay for it, he talks a lot about It is not told what would once be the first concern of humans. How We Will Breathe Last We investigated whether Mars is not so abundant in the realm of oxygen, although Elon has remained silent about the technology behind living safely on Mars.

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