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Elon Musk Posts New Twitter Policy to ‘Follow the Science’

Elon Musk Posts New Twitter Policy to ‘Follow the Science'

Over the past few weeks, Elon Musk has made quite a name for himself while trying to manage change at the hands of Twitter. Most of his staff and policy changes have been controversial.

To put it mildly, but love them or hate them; Looks like it’s here to stay – at least for now. Today he posted about a new Twitter policy he wants everyone to implement. Here is his recent tweet on the subject.

User @GadSaad doesn’t seem eager to follow Dr. Fauci’s science.

@GregWAutry In the meantime, everyone seems to understand that science as a method of testing theories and hypotheses can be a religion.

@rupasubramanya took issue with the wording of the new policy, but not the basic premise.

Looks like @ZaleskiLuke has a problem with Musk’s whole tweet and the political right.

@Itsdorothysucka Wants a level playing field for everyone to question everything ‘reasonable’ without fear of retribution.

All of them kept their words.


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