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Elon Musk: One is the savior of the world and one is the eater of the world

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, Elon Musk thinks about helping people, the same Putin is bent on destroying the world which is leading them to destruction.Anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock knows that there is political tension between Russia and Ukraine, it’s all over the international news and social media, so everyone knows what’s going on. Not why and what is happening. Before a few months Putin had refused to invade his neighbor, but Putin broke a peace deal and the Germans coined Putin’s war, as we all know the war affected the northeast and south of Ukraine.

started pouring all the forces in.So far Russia has launched a campaign. Interrupting attacks by land, air and sea on Ukraine, even though Ukraine is a European democracy of 44 million people.It is facing bombings of overall city centers and fueling a mass exodus of refugees to the capital, Kyiv, hence why Elon Musk is involved in what he favors.

Has the Russian army spent 22 years rebuilding?

How is he helping this situation as he always does and most importantly why did he threaten Russia then how did he start this spiral of the biggest countries across Europe when the Soviet Union broke up NATO.Gradually expanding eastwards, which were in communist domain, Lithuania, Latvia and the Baltic Republic of Estonia once allied with the Soviet Union’s NATO, as did Poland, Romania.The other Ergo NATO moved hundreds of miles closer to Moscow, directly bordering Russia, and in 2008 announced it planned to enroll in Ukraine on Sunday.Although this is still seen as a distant possibility Mr. Putin described Soviet disintegration as a disaster. Plundered Russia from its rightful place among the world’s great powers and put it at the mercy of a hunter-gatherer West.

It has spent 22 years rebuilding Russia’s military and inflicting geopolitical setbacks, with the Russian president threatening NATO expansion and the prospect of Ukraine joining it as a major threat to his country as Russia is concerned about NATO. Making complaints more convincing and militarily stronger.He has unnecessarily invited the specter of US ballistic missiles and combat forces into Ukraine, although we Ukrainian and NATO officials believe none. Putin further emphasized that Ukraine and Belarus are culturally Russian. are necessary parts.

Does Mr. Putin appear intent on power Moscow f?

Historically they have had great influence. Belarus and talks about some form of reunification with Russia long-standing, yet East-West relations increased significantly in early 2014 when Ukraine at large The protest has made the president closely integrated with Mr. Putin. Russia swiftly invaded and annexed the Crimea. Ukraine Moscow also instigated a separatist uprising that took control of part of Ukraine’s Donbass region in a war that is still killing more than 1,300 people, so what does Putin want from it.Despite a long and exhausting war, Mr. Putin appears intent on Power Moscow f. Now at the age of 69 in Soviet days and heading into the twilight of his political career, going back more than 30 years after the establishment of an extensive Russian-controlled security zone similar to

He wanted Ukraine to affect a nation of 44 million people, so what is going on between Russia and Ukraine that is affecting other countries globally, the war entered its seventh day on Wednesday.With a long convoy of Russian tanks and other vehicles formerly continuing their attacks on overcrowded Ukrainian cities, the brutal financial backlash in the process has been watched by the world as Russia faces sanctions imposed by Western nations. facing, including deduction.

Did oil prices rise on Wednesday?

Ongoing tensions could damage industries that are dependent on the supply of raw materials, especially industrial goods, with its consequences affecting financial markets to the global economy, according to recent reports.Making life difficult for everyone around the world, let’s look at how Ukraine’s ongoing Putin war on energy could damage the global economy, with many European countries still relying on Russian energy.Especially gas through several essential pipelines, even if tensions stop, there could still be harsh economic sanctions on Russia which will make it harder for these countries to import all that gas.

Oil prices rose on Wednesday as supply disruptions escalated following sanctions on Russian banks, while traders searched for alternative oil sources in an already inflexible market transport, while we watched global transport due to the post-pandemic take a hit.War is more like the transport modes likely to be affected to cause further problems are maritime shipping and rail freight, although rail is only a small part of the total fear between Asia and Europe.

Why does Elon Musk care about what’s happening to Russia and Ukraine?

It has played an essential role in recent transport disruptions and increasingly countries such as Lithuania are expecting to see their rail traffic hit hard by sanctions against Russia’s supply chain.The heavy impact of the pandemic has resulted in companies trying to find raw materials and components to produce goods to meet high customer demand, with factories at ports and freight yards severely underfunded.

That means disruption to shipping delays and high prices for Russian and Ukrainian industries could delay a return to normalcy. Now why does multi-millionaire Elon Musk care about what’s happening to Russia and Ukraine? We know that Elon Musk is an acclaimed inventor.He’s invented everything from a tesla to a space shuttle it’s a giant l. From starting out as CEO of a popular tech financial service to sending satellites that provide satellite Internet access, he donates.Very involved in politics and his opinions publicly go back to how Elon Musk was involved with the goings-on with Ukraine.

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister has received aid from big billionaire companies?

After Russia’s invasion of those satellites, many predicted that Ukraine’s Internet access was compromised either through the use of cyber-attacks or by destroying Internet infrastructure, or perhaps both during power outages and minor attacks on government websites. Will be cut off during the attack.There hasn’t been an internet blackout yet, yet after Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov tweeted an appeal to Elon Musk, the billionaire sent help within a week, a truckload of shocking satellite dishes widely used as dishes in Ukraine. is referred to as.Elon Musk also started working. The starling space internet service in the country is garnering positive headlines thanks to Elon Musk’s generosity though some feared the support could bring with it an added risk.

If Russia were to detect satellite signals and the target that was using them, these concerns were later echoed by Elon Musk. The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine has received all the assistance sought for example from large billionaire companies. Apple has stopped selling products in Russia, cut Apple’s pay in the country, and removed the Russian state-controlled news app from its app stores outside Russia.The monetization of ads on Russian state-controlled media websites and on the channel Meta has been stopped, restricting access to Russian state-controlled media on Facebook and Instagram in the European Union and links to Russian state-owned media globally Demoting the post with.

Easy Points:-
      • Involved itself in its politics, yet there is also a risk of being tracked by Russia due to cyber attacks Russia had specialized aircraft with very wide collection areas.
      • Elon Musk is known for grabbing attention and jumping into the spotlight when well-publicized problems arise so it’s a two-way street for him. His satellites have been a way of doubling down on his old stock.
      • Older Dish models come packaged in boxes that are used during Starlink’s year-long beta testing.
      • Some time ago Starlink redesigned the dish to be lighter and rectangular. Whatever the reason, Starlink may not have happened.
      • Many used to block Russian news, although Elon Musk tweeted that he would not do so unless he was held at gunpoint, he even said that he was an independent.

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