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Elon Musk New Plan To Help Ukraine This Will Change Everything

Elon Musk New Plan To Help Ukraine This Will Change Everything,Elon Musk gave new plans to help Ukraine, how do you think that internet connection in Ukraine is even possible during such a dire and dangerous situation, is it even possible that Ukraine will be able to reach out to its supporters for help, the end I want to know more about it.

Stay tuned in the post Hello everyone and welcome to SpaceX Kings, talking about that crazy new plane that Elon Musk has discussed with the President of Ukraine to help the nation, so without further delay Let us start with how dangerous and serious the current situation of the world is.

It is really difficult for all the countries around the world to sustain themselves and their fellow civilians with the Russian Ukraine war at its peak destruction which is common for Ukrainian people amongst what people have been experiencing. It has been reported that Elon Musk is playing the role of guardian angel and plans to help and assist Ukraine in any way he can.

A few days ago, Elon Musk met with the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Alexandrovich Zelensky, and spent a lot of time discussing details about his future. Relatives of Ukraine’s President Zelensky revealed via his Twitter account that Elon is showing and expanding the support he is showing during such difficult times.

How grateful he is for that and knows exceptionally that Elon will continue to support Ukraine with words and actions in the midst of these difficult times. You all know the satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX called Starling, whose The sole purpose is to extend and share the internet connection to every person in the area on Earth.

The constellation is installed in a small spacecraft that weighs about 227 to 295 kg, even though it was developed and launched in the United States, the CEO of SpaceX has decided to activate Starlink in Ukraine. President Zelensky also shared that more Starlink operators will be coming to Ukraine soon.

Presumably by next week these operators and activator systems will be available for the destroyed cities to help people there to contact their loved ones and when they are disturbed by some more discussions related to some future projects SpaceX and Ukraine can cooperate, but precedent was not issued.

You all knew how the situation in the country is now, so a physical meeting was almost impossible, that is, the meeting between the CEO of SpaceX and the President of Ukraine took place online, the details of this meeting were shared on social media and President Zelensky also shared a short clip of the meeting.

where he was seen welcoming the Tesla CEO and inviting him to visit Ukraine after the war ended. One video shows Elon accepting the offer and also saying that he would love to travel to the country soon.

If this p lan is put forward it may change the whole scenario of the current situation which may be for better or worse who knows that this space exploration project will open doors for a different life of the people of Ukraine, Which is making adjustments to settle the styling terminals. The country in which the war is in full swing.

We will be able to create more opportunities for Tesla CEO Julius Veridenko, the first Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine was the one who started the idea and the project when he tweeted mentioning Elon Musk that while he was on Mars Trying to build better spacecraft and technologies to colonize.

A country on his planet is going through a lot of trouble while Elon rockets are trying to colonize Mars Russia’s rockets are trying to capture Ukrainian soil. He also mentioned how people are dying And it hurt because of that.

war so he requested the CEO of SpaceX to make Styling Station available to the country within 24 hours and the CEO replied that Styling ACT Waiting Centers are now active in Ukraine and more terminals will be released soon it’s a very pity And there was a sympathetic gesture.

Which garnered a lot of applause and praise from all over the world, all praising the SpaceX CEO for his decision and supporting him as well as Ukraine during such difficult times. There are times when the country is suffering from such a military conflict, we must do our best to support them in any way possible.

Elon Musk did his best, that’s why everyone applauded and applauded the CEO, even Elon mother Mai Musk shared her thoughts on her son’s gesture and told him to be her son. She was proud and happy to see her son taking such an honest and productive step towards the future and felt good and emotional.

of the world and if you think Elon is all barking, you are wrong Yulia shared her social media account that Starling terminal has reached Ukraine and started working, she told Tesla CEO to such a tough time Thank you for your cooperation and help during

Are aware of how important the Internet is to our daily lifestyle, especially for a country going through a dangerous situation. Internet provides peace of mind during hardship and acts as a means of communication during difficult times. So does the military, the government and even the public. Everyone is dependent on the Internet.

When there is a war Russia’s troops have destroyed Ukraine’s internet infrastructure and for some time the entire country had no form of internet connection, which frightened people, however thanks to Elon Musk and Starlink , the whole country is now back connected. A super fast internet connection required throughout the world and some slow but not success through internet Casualties Right now people around the world are supporting Ukraine.

This country is desperate to get out of this difficult situation and they have a lot of support through various social media platforms, there have been many protest fundraising and events across the world to gather support and for the people of the country. MADAD The country’s deputy prime minister organized a successful online fundraising event to collect money and support from online supporters.

It was successful because on 4th March 2022 more than 50 million dollars were collected through this program but everything is not as smooth and simple as it seems we still haven’t talked about Russia, is it? You would think they would keep quiet while everything is happening in Ukraine, do they want people to support the target nation.

Absolutely not and that is why Elon Musk issued a statement via his social media and through the President of Ukraine that even though Starlink has been activated across the country and reaching more terminals than expected Importantly, it can be destroyed and cut off at any time as Russia is unhappy with Elon decision to support Ukraine in any way.

They will target Starling terminals anytime and anywhere and they are likely to be successful so Musk advised everyone in the country and the President to use the network with caution and only when necessary, Musk called on the Russian President. Also shared some tips to protect the terminals from attack by Russian troops.

As such, using and placing them only when necessary may be camouflaged to protect terminals other than the antennae and a thick layer of paint or some other material may be used to cover these terminals. However, one thing should be noted that no metal is used for camouflage.

Tesla CEO finally shared several other tips and tricks to protect styling terminals and ensure internet connection in the country. There are not many more improvements in the future related to HAT Starlink, as well as what Elon Musk wants to provide and expand in Ukraine such as reducing power consumption during peak season will be done through an upgrade that will reduce power consumption less will be done.

Once it’s upgraded the Starlink can be powered by the car’s cigarette lighter plus everything is great and happening now, but did you know the anger and resentment of Russia as Russia’s space chief I will have more.

Dmitry Rogozin addressed the Tesla chief saying that Tesla managed to favor Ukraine while ignoring Russia and the consequences would not be so great that Elon replied that Ukraine desperately needed an internet connection and that all Ukraine Wants to reach new heights in space and technology too and for that matter who can be a better choice than the CEO of SpaceX.

Elon Musk is someone who created a company of his own promotion and helped with space missions. Elon Musk and President Vladimir Alexandrovich Zelensky are now talking about creating new space missions and technological upgrades, so that’s all for today that you What do you think of Elon Musk who is taking such steps to help Ukraine?

Have a nice day!!⭐❤️

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