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Elon Musk Neuralink, What is Elon Musk’s Neuralink? Why is it used?

Elon Musk Neuralink –

Elon Musk Neuralink, was created by Elon Musk to develop brain-machine interfaces. Which was done to fall on the human brain, which was named Neuralink. Last year’s launch event actually promised a lot.Elon Musk said- In this series, we often see research work that is only a year apart, and marvel at the difference scientists have been able to make in that short time frame.

So first of all there are 3 things on which let’s look at -And then seeing how far they’ve come in a year is, as you’ll see, even more incredible.The promise is to be able to read and write information from the brain.To achieve this feat, by 2019, he talked about using robots, and this would be done by inserting electrodes into your brain tissue.

It’s a big needle, but in reality, this rat is equipped with a USB port.The process is almost like inserting a microphone into his brain. Now we can read the nerve signals of this mouse.

Do we really have to have brain surgery to get a bunch of these curved curves?

Now that they’re digitized, we with the Neuralink chip can analyze these signals and easily extract information from their brain, and even look for action potentials in them.They are also called “spikes” because of their shape.

Let’s try to understand in detail, suppose we have someone who will be given a rat. And that’s an outward motion with the mouse, and again, reaching back is fairly simple.That one example is the activity of the neuron. When nothing happens, something is firing, it doesn’t seem to change.

What does this do for us?

Elon Musk Neuralink, There is not much activity, this neuron ignites a lot, and suddenly, on reaching back, again, there is almost no activity.This neuron is tuned for outward motion, and this other neuron is tuned for return motion.

That was part of the reading, and this is just the beginning. Even better, we can reverse this process.Read this spiking activity, and simply by observing these, we can recreate the motion that humans want to make.

Why is Neuralink so important?

The brain neurolinks what activities it can think of, insulating it from the rest of the body.Now, all these people have to think about is walking, and then, Neuralink will read it with the help of the device and do the cursor movement for them.It’s not a big deal because we are all in the world of science fiction.

And all this signal processing is now possible automatically and in real time.We need a small chip that only takes up a few square millimeters, this is just a version from 2019.Now, after the 2020 event, it gets even better. The Neuralink device is housed in the pig’s brain Gertrude, and here, you see it in action.

What does raster view mean?

It illuminates the neural action potential before our eyes, with the blue color below it.You summarize these activities for our convenience,and as such, you will not only see.But also hear, because these Neurons are tuned for Boops.

In other words, you will see and hear that the more the muzzle is excited. More nervous activity will be visible.And all this is possible today and in real time. This was one of the highlights of the 2020 Progress Update event, but it went even further.

What does Neuralink chip predict?

The pig is placed on the treadmill, where brain signal readings are observed. It marks the location and signals where a joint or organ is about to move.Where another, dimly colored signal chip predicts what is about to happen.

It takes into account periodicity, and predicts high-frequency movement, such that these sharp turns happen really well.The two are almost identical, and that means, we can not only read and write, but also predict what the pig brain is going to do. You can also see the actual and projected world space positions for these body parts.

Will Neuralink be able to bring relief to the paralyzed?

While there is a vast body of research into brain-machine interfaces, and many things were possible in laboratory conditions, the search for neurallink here aims to make them accessible to a wider audience within the next decade.

If the project improves further at this rate, it could help many paralyzed people around the world live longer and more meaningful lives. The nerve enhancement aspect is also not out of the question.

Even thinking about calling your Tesla might sound like science fiction, and based on these results, you see, it could be one of the simplest tasks for a future Neuralink chip. Could be too. With this device these videos can be transmitted to your mind very quickly.

The name of the series will need to be changed from Two Minute Papers to Two Second Papers, or perhaps Two Microsecond Papers. They can actually fit in two minutes as the title says, now that would really be a miracle.

Easy Points:-
      • For our discussion of the concepts described in this video and to make sure you get accurate information.
      • This is one of the reasons why our coverage of the 2020 event is so late compared to many mainstream media outlets,
      • Which have little consideration for us, but it doesn’t matter.
      • We’re not maximizing ideas here, we’re maximizing learning.

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