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Elon Musk & NASA Designs Near Light Speed Engine That Breaks Laws Of Physics

Elon Musk & NASA Designs Near Light Speed Engine That Breaks Laws Of Physics,There is much to see and learn in space, but exploration faces a major problem, for example the closest star was approximation, 40208 billion kilo meters away from us, even Mars known as Elon Musk wants to colonize, this will require no less than five months of space.

travel and that is if you take advantage of the best time to leave the earth though long distance will no longer be a problem with the new innovation that elon musk and nasa just revealed the new speed lite engine what the speed lite engine Join us as we explore the new Speed lite engine that defies physics revealed by Elon Musk and NASA.

Some believe that Elon Musk is cutting off more than his audacious plan to settle people on Mars permanently. It’s easy to see why skeptics would take such a stance that space exploration has been the domain of governments. Because complexities and huge expenses are involved though for one nothing is as focused as a visionary as Elon Musk is impossible. He is ready to put together everything needed for his venture.

The most important component is the transportation vehicle Elon Musk has to work out that we will carry not only cargo but humans from this planet in the red. Planets that would not be a problem if the distance between the two planets is not constant for the vast distance separating Earth and Mars but the minimum distance to reference is about 34 million miles. The new James Webb Space Telescope is in an orbit.

Elon Musk plans to use Starship, a powerful spacecraft that his company is developing and SpaceX, is developing. The test will be much faster than the starship jwst but passengers are still looking at at least five months of travel, at least five months to spend as a human in space is plenty of time for the health of the colony for a variety of reasons .

H is important and radiation that is abundant in deep space can ruin your health. It can also make travelers impotent which is not ideal for a self-sustaining community that wants to establish on the planet apart from radiation, colonists. One has to bear the effects of being in low gravity conditions for such a long time, which has a significant effect on the muscles in the body.

But most importantly, five months or more is a long time to spend in the middle because anything other than the most carefully made plans can go wrong. It plans to transport more than a million people in a short amount of time to make a million more people, before the first explorers set foot on Mars.

These are all reasons at the heart of the new community that Elon Musk is still looking for a faster means of transportation, even though he is building the most powerful rocket ever. Elon Musk has as he searches for a much faster means of transportation to support his Mars ambitions NASA may have the solution that the space agency has collaborated with Elon Musk several times.

For example, Musk’s company is launching cargo and crew Vanessa to the International Space Station. NASA is also invested in Starship because it will use it as a lander when its astronauts return to the Moon for that purpose. NASA will pay SpaceX about three billion dollars, so it should come as no surprise that Musk and NASA are collaborating on a solution.

using the speed light engine will make space travel very fast, however in addition to being faster the new speed engine will not use a drop of fuel, sounds fantastic, wait until you hear it all That propellantless proposals were actually not new in the late 1970s. Robert Cook, an American inventor, patented an engine that supposedly converts centrifugal force into energy.

Linear motion was then proposed by British inventor Roger Schauer in the early 2000s, the M drive, which he claimed could convert trapped microwaves into thrust, although neither concept has been successfully demonstrated, both being widely used. It is generally considered impossible because conservation of momentum is a core physical law due to its violation.

But the new Speedlite engine known as the helical engine is very fast it can reach an astonishing speed of 300 million meters per second how fast it is going to the moon which is 240 000 miles Elon in just 1.3 seconds Musk’s colonists will reach Mars in 12.5 minutes. If you leave for Neptune which is 2.7 billion miles away you will touch down in about four hours.

Remember Centauri Proxima mentioned at the beginning of this instead of thousands of years, the helical engine will take you there four years which is still a lot of time to travel but it’s a lot more practical with Dr. Burns, the helical speed engine working on NASA Mars The Hall Space Flight Center in Alabama unveiled the idea in a head spinning paper posted on NASA’s website.

They wrote that this in-space engine could be used to keep the satellite station afloat for long periods of time without refueling, it could also propel spacecraft over interstellar distances to get close to speed. Dr. Burns’ crazy idea of ​​light is revolutionary because it does away with rocket fuel entirely and it helps solve a perennial problem with space travel.

Today’s rockets such as those made by NASA and SpaceX have to stock up on many propellants such as liquid hydrogen to get to Mars and beyond problem the more fuel you load on your craft the heavier modern propellant tanks can take on interstellar flights. but the helical engine gets around this by using high-tech particle accelerators.

As found in Europe’s Large Hadron Collider small particles are ejected at high speed using electromagnets recycled around the engine and fired again to the simpler t explanation is that the engine in his paper Dr. Burns Works by taking advantage of the change in mass at the speed of light.

To break it down provides a concept that describes a ring inside a box connected to each end by a spring. When you spring the ring, the box in one direction obeys Newton’s laws of motion in the other direction which states that every action should have an equal.

So it will bounce back and the box’s recoil direction will change as well, although if the box and the ring are traveling at the speed of light, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity makes things work a little differently, as would a ring box. It will increase in mass which means that when it reaches it will hit harder.

The end of the box results in forward motion according to Dr. Burns, the design can accelerate the speed of light to 99 without breaking Einstein’s theory of relativity, although Plan B violates the laws of physics to reach Newton’s law of motion. But till we reach our destination on time.

What matters then is that it would have to be 650 feet long and 40 feet wide to work, given that it would need to generate 165 megawatts of energy to generate one Newton of thrust that would a power station. Which creates the force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram per second if you consider that there is a lot of input for such a small output.

So think again because the engine operates in space where vacuum makes friction a non-existent mind Before you jump on the helical engine, there are a few things you need to know about the speed of light, of course light is yours. Will struggle to keep up with which will strangely distort your vision the way everything behind you will appear black and time will appear to stop all at once.

The clocks will slow down to a crawl and the planets will stop spinning the light towards your sides, possibly past and much. The field of view will narrow dramatically.But all that doesn’t matter is if we can reach deep space so let’s hear what you think about the United States helical light speed engine in the comments section below and Elon Musk finally unveiling the new light speed engine.

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