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Elon Musk Lawyers Battle Over User Data in Court After Whistleblower Complaint

Elon Musk Lawyers Battle Over User Data in Court After Whistleblower Complaint

Twitter Inc. TWTR 2.33%▲ and Elon Musk’s lawyers argued for some data around the count of the social media platform’s monetized daily active users, or MDAUs, at Mr Musk’s request on Wednesday.

Twitter said it cooperated as needed and Mr Musk said. Says they need more information.

Elon Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, argued that Twitter handpicked the documents and misled the public about data presented to investors on spam and fake accounts, and sought court.

Mr Spiro also pointed to a whistleblower complaint that was made public this week, accusing Twitter of misleading shareholders by relying on Mr Musk to agree to the terms of the merger.

Mr Spiro said Twitter misled investors about data and information provided an economic incentive to harass and mislead us Everything is now a tech thing columnist Joanna Stern Your guide to our ever-connected world Let us analyze and answer your questions.

Pointing to the MDAU metric that Twitter tells investors about how many users view ads as well as how its executives provide bonus data, he argued, to capture data the company knows about spam or fake accounts.

Twitter attorney Bradley Wilson told the court that Mr Musk’s lawyer’s requests would not be critical to the legal question surrounding the termination agreement and that the legal team already had access to most of the information needed for the case.

He also argued that there were privacy concerns about some of the proprietary information being requested by Mr Musk’s lawyers. He did not provide any explanation as to why the data was legally relevant in the case.

Mr Wilson said there is an inherently subjective process for determining whether something is spam or not. If two people reach a different conclusion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Twitter was wrong. The judge made the decision on Wednesday, requesting more data.

Chancellor Kathleen St. Jude McCormick has called for a hearing on Mr Musk’s request to force Twitter to submit documents as part of its search requests.

Chancellor McCormick then said that given the technical nature of the aspects of the dispute presented by Mr Musk, oral arguments could help settle the dispute. On July 12, Twitter filed a lawsuit against Musk in Delaware Court of Chancery.

It therefore attempted to force them to go ahead with their takeover bid, as it stated in its July 8 securities filing that they planned to walk away from the deal.

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