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Elon Musk Just Released Tesla Upgraded Bot

Elon Musk Just Released Tesla Upgraded Bot, Just In Elon Musk Officially Upgraded Tesla’s Bots To develop is also delaying Tesla’s car production. As the name suggests it is going to be as awesome Elon Musk again this time he has said something that will ruffle a lot of feathers We all know how AI and Robotics end up. The Tesla bot introduced at the beginning of the year could solve the labor shortage problem. Elon Musk thinks this is a viable answer to the labor shortage problem.

Population growth of many countries is already slowing down with Japan and China and even India’s population growth has slowed down in this situation, we know that labor is the life herd of every economy, But if birth rates drop from year to year, sooner or later there will be a labor shortage, Elon Musk said, adding that the Tesla bot is the company’s most important product development and that it will ultimately be more important than the automotive industry.

It has the potential to be the general substitute for human labor over time. Labor is capital. Equipment is essentially distilled labor. The main obstacle to fundum moving forward is labor. There are not enough people. This cannot be stressed enough enough. People are not. Elon thinks that one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low and rapidly declining birth rate plus the long time it takes for cars to build.

The speed of a walk through the queue. But the physics enables for significantly higher throughput, perhaps tens to thousands of times faster, the importance of robotics in the manufacturing economy cannot be overstated. A single factory can manufacture 10 times as many things. If a product takes 10 times less time to make. It goes without saying that man is a stumbling block.

All processes must be automated to achieve maximum throughput. Tesla has not forgotten about these considerations, although humans are an important aspect of every firm. and increasing throughput are essential to the fastest production rates. The fastest production rates are accomplished through methods that eliminate human labor. Humanoid robotic labor can help people speed up the process.

Experimenting with alternative methods to speed up the process of building a humanoid robot can begin by replicating an existing process, leading to large increases in throughput over time. There is also the issue of who would pay the bill if human work were to be replaced, but that is a different issue, with Musk believing that some.

It is certain that if physical work can be replaced by machines then it should be pointless for humans to perform difficult activities they do not like when machines can do them better, although many robotics and artificial intelligence experts recommend Tesla’s Have expressed objections about the bot project.

Citing the failure of robotics pioneers like Boston Dynamics to commercialize technology that’s been in development for years, we shouldn’t forget how Musk announced his plans to build a Tesla bot, which Clad in a skin-tight white suit and black helmet, a jerking robot danced across the stage as Elon Musk stood in the wings at Tesla’s AI Day. He started a new era of science fiction with the mask that’s a lifelike humanoid robot.

Tesla’s AI Day dummy bot was featured as a showstopper, with engineers giving highly technical talks on the company’s autonomous driving research work to help develop the next generation of automation. to attract talent to Palo Alto California, including a general-purpose bipedal humanoid robot capable of doing so.

Dangerously monotonous or boring activities This is not an easy task, so Tesla executives said we are looking for mechanical electrical control and software professionals to help us expand our AI capabilities beyond the fleet of vehicles, Tesla bot whose prototype should be ready by the next.

The year is intended to produce dangerously repetitive and monotonous jobs such as stooping down to pick up something or going to the grocery store, according to Elon Musk. He said that physical labor will inevitably be an option in the future.

Fully self-driving Tesla is making the most advanced practical AI to navigate the real world and you can even think of Tesla as the world’s largest robot company or a semi-sensory robot company. The car is like a robot on four wheels according to Elon Musk, they could probably take that same technology and put it in a humanoid robot.

Is that robot useful to have essentially humanoid part, they need to develop some custom actuators and sensors and use Tesla full self-driving autopilot or generally speaking real world navigation AI in humanoid robot Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the firm’s fourth quarter earnings that a humanoid robot is the most important product.

On which the business is working this year, before the much-hyped Cyber ​​Truck and other cars like the Semi and Roadster Musk believes it has the potential to transform the economy if it can perform the duties it now has. Entirely done by the people, he said that if you think about the economy it is the foundation of the economy Labor capital equipment is distilled labor.

So what happens if you don’t really have a labor shortage I’m not sure what the economy is even at that point what does optimus mean so it’s very important that companies move some people to machines because of advances in robotics But the limited existing technology means that many duties still have to be performed by humans.

Elon Musk has also been definitively articulated by saying that Optimus is designed to be enjoyable and navigate the world of humans while eliminating risky repetitive and boring tasks, the robots being an embodiment of Elon Musk’s theatrics.

He announced that Tesla is working on interesting items that will serve to encourage employees, consumers and investors for years to come, according to Elon Musk. The initial use of Optimus will be at the company’s own plants. Tesla’s engineers hypothetically New economic foundations can be formed from this if they can be achieved.

The sci-fi feat of building a humanoid robot capable of doing the same thing as any human worker is enormous because it requires actually building such a robot and doing so before a rival develops its own humanoid robot , the robot made by Tesla is still one.

Tesla hasn’t even shown a prototype when the concept was first revealed last August. Musk Tesla won’t introduce new vehicle models in 2022, according to Elon Musk’s most recent earnings call. Tesla was still dealing with a partial shortage that was hurting production on a number of interesting projects, including the Cyber ​​Truck Semi and the Roadster Tesla.

Although will continue to do a lot of engineering and tooling on already deployed items, such as the Optimus humanoid robot, Elon Musk has a habit of announcing products that are only prototypes, thus selling a concept before it is realized. Tesla is said to have presented the semi track during a late November 2017.

Night celebrations outside Los Angeles have delayed the vehicle until 2022 at the earliest because of constraints in manufacturing large battery cells Tesla’s stated aim is to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy.

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