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Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Ted Cruz’s Corruption

Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Ted Cruz’s Corruption

Elon Musk, the richest man and owner of Tesla, likes to expose Big Shots this time, Ted Cruz is quite popular for getting into controversies and being a part of scams, this time Kasturi has exposed his corruption.

It is not strange to know about the corruption of politicians let’s say each of them is corrupt but what has Ted Cruz done what is the relation between Elon Musk and Ted Cruz will Elon Musk pay Ted Cruz for his actions Elon Musk’s The world is there and we are just living in it.

That’s why Elon Musk should not even think of quarreling with them apart from being a scientist and a very successful businessman. takes it upon himself to make this world a better place, whether it is for purely good reasons or selfish motives, the world should be grateful to him.

Ted Cruz’s corruption deepens Ted Cruz entered office in 2013 and since then his wealth has increased tenfold from $55,000 to $4.6 million in 2018. Family difficulties are against him. It is really sad to see such educated people indulged in malpractices and corruption and in important public institutions. Ted studied law at Harvard Law School and then practiced privately before joining the service.

His wife is a managing director at the investment firm Goldman Sachs. They met during the presidential campaign of George W. Bush when Heidi was on leave from Harvard Business School. During the first few years of their marriage, Ted worked at the Federal Trade Commission and the US Treasury Department, but Ted was never completely satisfied. His job in Washington so he applied and was appointed as the Solicitor General of Texas.

Relocating to Austin, Ted worked in private practice at the Texas law firm Cooper & Kirk Plc. After serving as the Texas Solicitor General, he decided to run for statewide office and ran for a Texas Senate seat in 2013 and won. Ted decides to run in the 2015 Republican presidential primary.

The attacks on the cruises became more personal as the race between then-candidate Donald Trump and the crew heated up after Trump accused Ted’s father of involvement in the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. Ted lives in the most lavish mansion in Texas and has a collection of luxury cars. He owns many luxury watches like Audemars Piguet Chopper.

There are many who work as a public servant mosque and when Elon Musk announced his move to Texas in his tweet on 9th May 2020, the crew started on friendly terms apparently this is the last straw Joe Tesla is now moving to his headquarters and the Texas of the future.

It will depend on how Tesla is treated in the future. Tesla is the last car manufacturer left in California. Ted Cruz warmly welcomed them in a tweet saying, “Welcome to Texas, Texans love a job and we love freedom even more, even though the welcome was warm and friendly.” It was still puzzling how Cruz was able to afford such a lavish lifestyle while holding public office.

It contained some element of corruption, as the program looked into hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions received by Republican lawmakers from rights organizations following the shooting of 19 children and two adults at a Texas elementary school. That gun control won’t help and that far more law enforcement resources should be devoted to stopping violent criminals exposes the organization that tracks money in American politics.

Representatives Pete Sessions and Dan Crenshaw are the other two Texas lawmakers who have received more than $208,000 and one hundred and twenty-six thousand dollars, respectively, from gun rights groups in direct contributions from legislators. Money, this does not include the millions of dollars spent by the National Rifle Association on indirect spending in support of and opposition to specific politicians.

This funding included direct money and indirect investment in advertisements to support his political career when Biden was elected as US President. Joe Biden and the Democrats Spent Trillions of Dollars on Fuel, Blizzard Inflation and Employees Made Billions Through Big Oil Companies As if Funding from Pro-Gun Organizations Wasn’t Enough Biden Is Making Profits at the Cost of Taxpayers Money Oil companies showed their protest on the scale.

Biden issued a warning to big oil companies instructing them to focus on two agendas, increasing output and reducing input costs, clearly against the interest of stakeholders, there has been a backlash from Biden to Cruz and others because This ultimatum was also against his personal interests.

He has shown a special interest in fossil fuels and is said to have invested 25 percent of his wealth in the cause which is truly typical for a man throughout his political career. Some say a huge amount, close to $3.7 million in oil revenue, came when Senator Ted Cruz sparked another outcry. Flying from Houston to Cancun Mexico to take his family on vacation while millions of his fellow Texans starve to death due to historically low temperatures and widespread power outages, he spends the night in a five-star luxury hotel For which they had to pay the price.

After photos appeared online of the crew waiting to take off at the Houston airport Wednesday afternoon for three million dollars and then thousands of tweets on the plane criticized the crew for the ill-fated 2022 trip, the Texas Supreme Court asked Senator The ruling ruled in favor of Ted Cruz in his challenge to a campaign finance law that limits the use of post-election funds to reimburse candidates who lend large sums to their own campaigns.

A victory is believed to make it easier to bribe politicians. Cruz has shown no evidence of corrupt behavior, but the case adds to the issue that citizens banding together have used dark money to potentially exert even more corrupt influence. Started by allowing opportunities, here the distinction between plain issue campaign contributions and rewarded candidates is gone.

While there are no restrictions on the amount of compensation politicians can give themselves, although campaign contributions are used for charity after the election, repaying a candidate’s loan effectively goes directly into the candidate’s pocket,250 000 with the cap acting as the only restriction on that. Promotion has strict rules that prevent pre-election donations from going directly into a candidate’s pocket.

If you increase the limit then there is a high probability that you will be discussing real money with corrupt influence. Elon Musk had a fight with Joe Biden when he announced his new policy related to electric vehicles and climate change, in fact he spoke quite boldly against the legislation, according to him the Act was focused on the wrong cause.

Will increase government debt. Legislation will directly affect electric automobile manufacturers. Per vehicle price. It will lower Tesla’s price by $7500 at General Motors and Ford’s by $12,500. Ted Cruz has a long history of corruption, but what Elon Musk did to expose him is, let’s say, a conflict of interest.

As we already know about Cruise’s investment in fossil energy and funding from oil and gas companies, it is quite clear that he has invested in non-renewable sources of energy, on the other hand Musk Tesla CEO Assuming the use of renewable sources ergo. Electric cars Electric cars could impact the oil business in Texas, so it’s quite understandable that they’re at each other’s throats. Tesla’s Power Wall, which is used for backup options, is one for storing solar power. Integrated battery system.

There’s a project that could run into trouble because of Ted’s interest in fossil energy. He thinks that Tesla may affect the oil and gas sector, it is true that sooner or later renewable sources of energy are going to dominate the market because of their economic and social benefits and the threat to non-renewable sources of energy may arise. That Powerwall is going to be a turning point in the power game and it’s not going to go down well with people like Ted Cruz who are reading about such incidents and such incidents.

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