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Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Bill Gates

Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Bill Gates

Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Reveals Bill Gates’ Agenda Let’s Talk About Battle Of Billionaires What Is This New Agenda Elon Reveals Why He Is Exposing His Colleague In Billionaires Club Where We Will Find Out Elon How Musk has exposed Bill Gates’ new agenda.

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates are high-ranking members of the billionaire club, they have always been at odds, with the two tech giants rarely agreeing on anything. The better part of this year Tesla CEO Bill Gates needs no introduction in the global arena.

He is known as From 1995 to 2010, he occupied the coveted position as the richest man in the world. Just as he is the first person to reach $100 billion, Mark Gates made his vast wealth from his Microsoft company, an American multinational technology corporation that produces computers. Offware Consumer Electronics Personal Computers and Related Services Together with Dr. Anthony Fauci they have become the target of insane and evil conspiracy theories related to the novel coronavirus at the height of the virus.

It was alleged that Gates wanted to use a coronavirus vaccine as a means of implanting microchips. It’s on the minds of billions, Musk has also begun to expose the evil agenda of tech billionaire Elon Musk, who believes Gates had a hand in the coronavirus pandemic, which, interestingly enough, is calling the owner of Microsoft . According to the World Meter, by the end of July this year, more than 6 million people have died due to this epidemic due to the decrease in the world’s population.

After the revelations of Elon Musk, many people around the world have seen the sinister purpose and agenda of the bill in reducing the population. no he’s down he’s exposing bill gates and more often than not tesla ceo has always advocated for bigger families and increase in world population as seen in a tweet i hope you get those Congratulations to people who have large families and who already do according to Tesla.

The CEO’s declining population is a threat to human civilization while Gates believes that overpopulation will push people out of limited resources. Elon has a different idea that the founder of SpaceX has a better idea than reducing the population of people on Earth. Solutions More People Can Make If you think this is wishful thinking, you are wrong, SpaceX’s CEO is working very hard to see that he builds a self-sustaining city on the Red Planet by the year 2050.

They estimate that by 2060, more than one million people will have visited Mars. The SpaceX team is in the process of building Starship, a giant rocket that will be used to carry humans. and the payload from Earth to Mars is 54.6 million kilometers.

A Personal Potential The Tesla founder has fully embraced the idea of a large family, she has given birth to 10 known children so far, the latest being twins with Siobhan Zillas who is the head of AI at her Neuralink company, it There are only 9 out of 10 babies that are alive because Nevada Alexander Musk, who was Musk’s eldest son, died in infancy at only 10 weeks old in 2002, you should take the human population, you can be sure That he would not entertain someone like Bill Gates who supports the idea of downsizing.

The world’s population Tesla billionaire has also exposed his Microsoft counterpart for being hypocritical in his views about climate change in a leaked text chat between the two tech billionaires, which Musk confirmed as the true Gates, so it seems says he’s betting against Tesla, but says he’d still prefer to work on a climate-focused philanthropic opportunity Tesla CEO Musk declines offer, Sorry, but I’m on climate change Can’t take your philanthropy seriously when you have massive short positions against Tesla.

The company doing the most to solve climate change The leaked text message was first spotted on Twitter when it was posted on a Twitter page called Holmer’s Catalogue. Elon Musk was addressed so apparently Bill Gates hit on Elon Musk to discuss climate change philanthropy, but Elon asked if he still had half a billion dollars short on the Tesla bill, he said that they didn’t close it, so Elon told them to get it. The tweet was accompanied by several screenshots highlighting the leaked text messages between Elon and Bill.

In which tesla ceo confirmed it to be true in a tweet yes read but i didn’t leak it to nyt i got it through friends of friends i heard from several people on ted that gate still has half of tesla billion is less than that, so I asked him that this isn’t exactly a top secret musk, it seems, to understand why Gates is presenting himself as a champion of climate change. Tesla is a company that focuses on sustainable production and energy. Shorting means selling shares of a company when they are high with the expectation that they will fall in the future.

Where the same person plans to buy the same shares even if the prices drop, as Tesla CEO and climate change enthusiast Musk told Gates during an interview with French YouTuber Hugo de Crypt Gates in June 2022 on his Told about the contribution. On Musk when he made the statement that I give to climate change a lot more than Elon or anyone else, I give philanthropic dollars to climate change efforts despite Bill Gates, you will agree with me that Elon is very proud of his Tesla company With the medium doing a lot, with the Tesla CEO aiming to have all the cars on the road be electric, that’s fantastic.

This will be the end of on-road emissions. At the same time, he is promoting climate change through Tesla’s SolarCity subsidiary, which provides solar power generation systems as well as other related products and services to residential, commercial and industrial customers with strong climate change beliefs. Musk will do whatever it takes to expose people like Gates who have double standards when it comes to climate change. Bill Gates’ agenda on climate change isn’t very well defined, so it’s clear by now that Elon and Gates are unlikely to agree on anything if they compete.

Beyond the Roof it seems that Gate is hell-bent and opposed to everything Elon is doing, while other billionaires are excited by space exploration, Gate completely contrary to thought other than the origin of the musk blue color Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic Richard Branson are some of the tech tycoons who are focused on space exploration, it is almost logical to assume that a tech icon and the ability of Bill Gates would also promote the idea but it is far from the truth, 2021 Gates may have missed something during an interview on The New York Times Podcast early in the year.

He’s not a Mars person, I don’t think rockets are the solution, he further added that he’d rather spend his money on vaccines on this Earth than use it on space travel, but Gates isn’t the only tech billionaire whose anti-Mars have attitude, Alibaba’s Jack Ma shares the same view Jack Ma shares his thoughts face-to-face with Musk, while the two tech geniuses sit down for an interview during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Alibaba founder It was said that I am not interested in Mars, I have just come back from there.

Although I’m more interested in Earth, the things that are going to happen here, Ma Jokingly I admire your courage in exploring Mars but I admire the many people who are spending efforts to improve Earth Kasturi replies to Ma that it is possible to reform Earth and conquer Mars at the same time, what a great response, this is the true Kasturi improving life on Earth by reducing the Tesla internal combustion engine carbon footprint by accelerating the transition from cars to electric cars, on the other hand his SpaceX company is also focused on making humans a multi-planetary species apart from diverging on space exploration.

During the last week of June this year, Bill Gates expressed his support on Twitter regarding the use of hydrogen as a source of energy and power for hydrogen gas through a tweet that read Cheap clean hydrogen would be a huge energy breakthrough. A view that Musk strongly disputes Bill Gates is on record as saying that the world should adopt clean hydrogen which will reduce pollution on a large scale The idea of using hydrogen as fuel is strongly rejected.

In fact the Tesla founder called it the stupidest thing he’s heard while attending the same stage at the Financial Times Future of Cars Summit, he said I really can’t stress this enough he continued It is important to understand that hydrogen is a bad choice if you want a means of energy storage. Elon is opposed to hydrogen for some good reasons, he believes the process of making hydrogen is too complicated making it too expensive even musk. Clean hydrogen is discredited because the amount of energy used to make it is enormous.

He just doesn’t see the need to use a lot of energy to produce more energy. Tesla’s founders haven’t always liked hydrogen because it requires huge amounts of storage, so using hydrogen and EVs isn’t practical. Because electric cars would have to move around with a huge tank of hydrogen which would make transportation cumbersome. Elon finds the bill illogical which makes it very difficult for the two tech titans to mix.

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