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Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Apple

Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Apple

Elon Musk just exposed Apple Although this isn’t the first time Apple has engaged in battle with rival tech firms, it was undoubtedly the first time they’ve had to contend with an enemy like Elon Musk. He was the richest man in the world.

How exactly are we opposing the position that the world’s richest man will topple the world’s richest corporation? Stay tuned to find out what Elon did before Facebook and Twitter told him about Apple’s Epic Games.

Elon Musk to Apple recognizes the struggle of these two other businesses and continues to share with Apple will help us understand how Apple built its relationship with Elon Musk, as well as the fruit company’s exploitative 30 tax Elon’s tweet also sets the tone for Everything Wrong.

With regard to the latter with other tech businesses but this only scratches the surface you may already realize this struggle is more complex than you believe the dispute is at the heart of it although the two companies are technically Facebook and Apple is the computer corporation on paper. The dispute over privacy started from there, although their business strategy and sources of income are very different.

Almost all of Apple’s revenue comes from hardware. With the iPhone accounting for the lion’s share, the conflict between Zuckerberg and Cook began over Facebook’s reliance on targeted advertising at a time when Apple is much stricter when it comes to user and software privacy. Because they have a closed environment and less exposure to Google’s Android, this policy has always been an inconvenience for Facebook, which previously worked with HTC to build the Facebook Phone.

Gadget died a gruesome death after the Cambridge Analytica incident exposed the widespread acquisition and misuse of personal data by third parties. The real trouble for app developers on Facebook began in 2018, which came after Apple made several changes to its operating system and its App Store, making it possible for app developers to access users’ personal data without their explicit consent.

Tim Cook asked Facebook to delete any consumer data they collected, but Zuckerberg refused for obvious reasons, Facebook saw it as a direct attack on his company Mark Zuckerberg, even Apple also made a public statement condemning the moves, claiming they would harm small businesses and therefore stifle innovation.

Has there really been a loss of revenue for Facebook yes the answer is they have gone so far as to change their name from Facebook to Meta in recent years that they have moved away from their original business model and towards the metaverse On the side they have huge amounts of money invested in hardware for virtual and augmented reality which is anticipated to be a new area of the internet. They won’t have to worry about Apple and its oppressive policies.

Which are now the background of this struggle as they control the hardware in this new realm, Apple was embroiled in and yet another bad fight with a different kind of computer company here comes The Great Games 1984 This Epic Games The movie in which IBM was redefined replacing Apple as the Big Brother villain is pretty funny.

In contrast Facebook Epic Games had a positive working relationship with Apple, at first they co-produced the game from that point until the end of their connection in 2017, Epic was highlighted frequently on the App Store and featured a number.

You can only imagine the launch of other Apple products when Epic CEO and co-founder Tim Sweeney began openly attacking Apple’s payment method, with Apple paying Epic $1 million. They claimed that the 30% tax on sales was unfair, but Epic Games accepted the rule for nearly 10 years.

It’s unclear what’s changed, but what’s certain is that 2020 saw Epic introduce a direct payment system into its Fortnite app, allowing users to make in-game purchases without going to Apple’s App Store for years. Apple’s opposition to their demand and Apple’s response of removing the Fortnite app from its store prompted Epic Games to sue Apple on the grounds that Apple’s actions were anti-competitive in violation of federal anti-trust laws.

Maintaining a safe and secure app ecosystem was ultimately detrimental to small businesses. Eventually the case was lost in the eyes of the general public. The legality of the 30 percent tax was now in doubt at this point, with Elon Musk joining the discussion as every developer outside of Google began to wonder why Apple paid them so much after Steve Jobs. Elon has never really been one of Apple’s biggest supporters.

He has often criticized the company’s strategy and lack of innovation in its products, has been outspoken and has been quite critical of the company, despite using Twitter as his main outlet to air his grievances. . Elon has never really encountered the apple or to be more precise he hasn’t really had a reason to until then.

Until he bought Twitter and ended in a nearly year-long legal dispute between Musk and the bird company in one of the worst and most well-reported business transactions of the decade that actually started as a joke. The changes eventually resulted in Elon being bought for an absurd $44 billion, with Elon publicly criticizing Apple for shutting down advertising on its social media platforms, saying that Apple opposes free speech.

A few hours later he tweeted that Apple had threatened to ban Twitter from its App Store, but declined to elaborate. A user on Audio Wells claimed that Apple is not alone. 10 times more, anyway. He mocked the company in a tweet tagging Tim Cook, saying that Apple is also threatening.

remove Twitter from its App Store, but won’t explain why exactly this is happening Toby Cook was going to experience Twitter’s removal from the App Store the same way Fortnite lost the top 100 advertisers on Twitter. The pressure on Twitter, along with its overreach, has reportedly cost the platform more than two billion dollars since 2020.

The sponsors in question are 50 of the top 100 advertisers on Twitter, requiring Elon to spend more than US$750 million on advertising. Only in 2022, but Elon’s online feud with Apple will not only be about him, but also about Apple’s taxing of third-party apps in its ecosystem. In a later tweet, Elon used a joke to illustrate his point.

You realize that Apple secretly charges a 30% tax on anything you buy through its App Store. Sparking support from those who added their two cents to the argument in response to a user who questioned whether Apple was jeopardizing Twitter’s position in the App Store or creating another.

Elon answered yes to the demand for moderation, after which he began questioning other people who had experienced Apple censorship. It was an apparent allegation that painted Apple CEO Tim Cook as a supporter of censorship in the US. While he is generally seen as the leader of a revolution, it is easy to forget that Twitter is solely owned by Elon Musk. The company was not involved in this largely one-sided conflict.

Tesla customers were also concerned and many of them requested to be removed from the public debate for their own benefit, but a lot of your Tesla customers use iOS to log in. His cars commented whether this is really a fight you want to pick the cards. Much less convenient than the BT entry, so it’s going to have a big impact on your ability to sell the snarky Alone to Apple users if they like the app.

The response came on December 1, thanks to Tim Cook, who took me around the lovely offices of Apple, Elon wrote in a tweet on his YouTube page accompanying his video, along with an invitation to Tim Cook to visit Cupertino. With. was also involved. Elon appears to have made amends with Elon releasing a second one in which they clarified a number of issues including some of the problems Apple had with Twitter and misunderstandings about Twitter’s possible removal from the App Store Tim.

It was very clear that Apple never thought this through. But there is still a matter which is not settled that 30 per cent cut. Is it false to claim that Apple has not exempted Twitter from tax and is not expected to do so? Is it anytime soon Epic Games appeals to the same case and they may well lose all their weirdness in their Twitter battle with Elon Musk and Apple.

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