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Elon Musk jokes about buying Manchester United

Elon Musk jokes about buying Manchester United

Tesla full-time CEO Elon Musk is surprising people by tweeting and mocking him for buying Manchester United. We thought he was actually going to do it.

Then it turns out that he was just joking, and was making people happy. Also, he will never leave his Tesla SpaceX, because those things make Elon Musk the majority of his income.

A tweet from the world’s most valuable football club lit a fuse in the time zone and united fans in an overdrive, announcing it was buying Manchester for third place.

As Elon Musk says or does these days, the announcement becomes a joke. Here’s a report of what happened next. It is the third most valuable football club in the world, but has not won a Premier League title since 2013.

Manchester United is not the team it used to be. It is grappling with an identity crisis along with resentment towards its owners. The story becomes big news when a billionaire says he is buying a club.

Elon do you have a comment Elon Musk posted this I am buying Manchester United Welcome Within minutes the post went viral and fans united in frenzy, with some thanking him for creating hope.

Some called his decision legendary and some even designed a new Tesla kit for the club. His classic shoot and scooty style was minimalistic. The richest man in the world clarified that it was a joke. He said he was not Manchester United.

It was just a long running joke on the internet. It seems that a trend has developed for such jokes. Check out some of his tweets. On 1 April 2018, he tweeted that Tesla had gone completely bankrupt. To reverse, Tesla shares fell 5.1 the next day in August 2018, he said he was taking Tesla private at $420.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission blamed Musk for misleading investors, and in April 2022 he said he was buying Coca-Cola, adding cocaine back to the drink in some of his most recent posts.

Like any career, some other posts may require parental guidance, like last week she posted a photo of the world’s richest man who has the power to impress her millions of followers.

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