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Elon Musk Is SECRETELY Opening A New Gigafactory In The UK!

Tesla Is SECRETELY Opening A New Gigafactory In The UK!

Tesla is fast becoming the world’s leading automaker and the need to scale up and expand production has never been greater, although the company has just completed construction of two new factories, one in Berlin and one still in Texas.

More needs to be built if it wants to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, while rumors swirl about where the next Gigafactory will be, with some sources in Indonesia and some Africa. We believe it will be somewhere in the UK.

Elon Musk has rekindled hopes that Tesla is leading the UK by telling analysts that it will see new Gigafactory locations at the end of the year, which the billionaire reportedly used to visit Britain. Tesla had planned to build a gigafactory on its plane over the past two years to locate suitable sites in the south-west of England.

Britain took its roots in Berlin a long time ago, so the news for longtime fans of the Eevee company isn’t going to come as a surprise in 2019, with Elon Musk stunned Britain and now Berlin for the first time in Europe are in.

He complained that Brexit uncertainty made it too dangerous to locate his European gigafactory in Britain, which is why Berlin was chosen over Britain, hence why Britain has reached its peak this time in the interests of the billionaire.

Lithium The excess of lithium in south-west England is rumored to be a major component. It is needed to make electric vehicles. This is similar to how the company was rumored to develop a factory in Indonesia Cornish Lithium, specializing in the exploration and production of lithium ore. A British technology business that recently got into lithium deposits has more raw material if Tesla is to go that far.

What’s more important than lithium for batteries, Cornish Lithium CEO Jeremy Rathal thinks big electric carmakers like Tesla can move forward if a key inducer like lithium is being manufactured in the UK, he told sources. . He believed that anything was possible, so automakers would not come to Britain.

If we have sustainable and ecologically friendly battery raw materials ‘don’t they come to the UK if they can make sure the materials are in the UK and they are sustainable then it goes to Tesla Korean automakers or someone, their Believes the government knows if there is a supply chain of raw materials and infrastructure for battery life.

Developed battery makers and automakers will move to the UK without lithium produced in the UK, believing that the nation will be completely dependent on imports and on China which dominates a large part of the market for electric batteries, he said because China Controls about 80.

For battery chemistry we will be relying on imports from China or other countries currently entering Tesla vehicles. Ironically, the UK is made in China, in order to provide a higher level of quality than vehicles made in the US. Supposedly, the Chinese Model 3s now also come with LFP batteries that are less expensive and more tolerant of up to 100 charges.

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