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Elon Musk initially envisioned life on Mars, Elon Musk believes that 1 million people will go to Mars in 50 years

Some things about Elon Musk that you will not understand is that colonizing mars possibly we can have unlimited mineral resources.

Elon Musk had initially imagined about life on Mars also today we will consider what life would be like if life somehow flowed on Mars then we should investigate it Now Elon Musk believes that 1 million people will go to Mars in 50 years.

Will live happily ever after Mars looks like another home for the world moreover this idea should be given by Elon Musk because he is a rich man so he can imagine to make another world on mars and he present it can also satisfy.

The following inquiry is the way by which it is currently possible to get there, in light of the fact that SpaceX has fabricated a spacecraft that will take us from Earth to Mars in seven months. The spacecraft will deliver oxygen gas and use fuel during the journey.

Also it will be faster than three tesla vehicles and 100 metric lot in each flight so common person would really like to go to mars to live currently the following question is to be equal to life on mars similar dissipation here on earth we earth find on.

If the worlds of Mars are found then let us tell you that there is no reaction because the temperature on Earth is moderate to the point that the human body can undoubtedly however, are running against the norm, the temperature in the Martian world to such an extent Less that a normal person will freeze there in winter.

The temperature is 10 °C which is a very short summer in the lower cool areas of the world like Canada, Antarctica and the United States the planet temperature is positive 20 °C which is fine and life will be somewhat easier although even at this temperature it is as easy Not as much as we naturally suspect if humans consider coming back to Earth in extreme cold.

This is beyond the realm of possibilities in light of the fact that the Earth’s orbit by mass is seven months in which a whole season has given a more important explanation. Oxygen The absence of oxygen on this planet is less than one percent each day and it is beyond the realm of possibilities for humans in this climate.

Man cannot live without oxygen for more than four minutes, life will end mars what’s more honey mars temperature is low because it is far away from the sun and that’s why the abstinence of oxygen is another sign important The point of view is that the gravity on Mars is also extremely low gravity.

It is this unique explanation that has made our life on Earth so easy that in the world of Mars we will not find this office because this planet is multiple times less than Earth because Mars has less mass than Earth. But the surface gravity is less than the surface gravity on Earth.

An interesting point is that the surface gravity on Mars is only 38 that of the surface gravity on Earth, so if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth you would only weigh 38 pounds on Mars, currently we’ll examine another important justification that Why would life on Mars become unimaginable?

This huge remnant is justified by storms, these storms are strong enough to cover a large number of kilometers long and cover something like a person beneath the remnant and not named after him or her symbol, so when we take a look at Mars Dust storm is the biggest obstacle for human existence.

In man world people will constantly bite dust due to accidents and life will end soon, but ignoring these big storms there are many more reasons which hinder the method of human existence there and one of them is.

Characteristics of lack of food on Mars Earth with the ultimate goal that there will be some kind of fire that is rich in supplements nor can there be enough food on Earth to have enough for the people there to last forever, hence life Unquestionably it is.

Apart from these difficulties, the challenge is something new that Elon Musk has recommended the possibility of underground life which is very unusual which is unimaginable on Mars because in such case when life was to start on Earth then the huge storms there would stop.

Path to People A NASA group has begun living in a vault near a fruitless well of lava in Hawaii to mimic what life would be like on Mars while conducting research.

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