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Elon Musk HUMILIATES The New Apple Vision Pro!

Elon Musk HUMILIATES The New Apple Vision Pro!

When you wear apple vision pro you see your world and everything in it, human eyes already do this, i have seen musk’s bizarre reaction on apple’s new product, elon musk never fails to share his opinion do not fail. Elon Musk of the well-known company has always been transparent in expressing his views.

Recently Elon Musk took a jibe at one of the biggest companies, Apple, instead of adopting a formal tone to express his views, Elon Musk took to Twitter to condemn the new product. It’s not surprising that we would expect such tweets from Musk, especially when the company is one of its biggest rivals, Apple and Musk were in a constant rivalry despite having completely different product ranges.

Now it may be a surprise to you that why both the companies are in a constant fight, while they have completely different product areas and categories, there is only one similarity between the two companies and that is innovation, both the companies constantly at war with each other to invent new products with a claim to reshaping the world they care about. The time has also come to criticize each other’s products.

This is exactly what happened when Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro, Musk took no time to tweet against the product and showed that it was not an innovation at all, why is Elon Musk so against the product, is this a new Apple product Is? Nothing but the biggest mistake the company made, let’s find out, there was a lot of speculation about what is going to happen today, what Vid Pro will look like, people were surprised by the magnitude of its work, it will do anything with your Mac or iPhone and many more Can do.

Tim Cook says a new Apple product can do just as well. It all started at an annual WWDC presentation when Apple recently unveiled its first path-breaking product integrated with augmented reality, the device was expected to bring the latest technology mixed with virtual reality into something very new. Around the world, Apple Vision Pro technology has undoubtedly gained prominence and is all over the internet in no time.

The product received mixed reviews from people, some of them were impressed with the Vision Pro, but others pointed out its high price, but if the product is compatible with the technology, isn’t it fair for the company to set a high price, mostly People don’t think so, if you don’t know the price of apple vision pro is 3499, this is madness, now it all makes sense why musk? When the product was released, Musk dismissed the product and immediately shared his opinion.

He recently made fun of Apple’s augmented reality device by posting a joke on his Twitter account, in the joke a female Vision Pro, next to the image, is using some mushrooms, these mushrooms have chemically modified carbon vibrations and WFOS and enable instant communication with aliens, Why did Musk compare the Pro set to mushrooms, he soon took issue with these mushrooms being listed for only twenty dollars, many people were already against it.

Musk’s tweet about the high price of the product further escalated it and in no time the product faced massive hate all over the internet, especially talking about the product Apple Pro product, which cost Rs. 3499, let’s delve deeper into that product.

Vision Pro Vision Pro is a new type of computer that augments reality by seamlessly combining the real world with the digital world, as Tim Cook says this new product blends the real world with the virtual world. Apple has come up with this amazing product hoping to redefine it. User Experience for People The company has always tried to focus on user friendly experience and according to the company this is one more attempt.

This amazing tool provides a programming framework that goes beyond the limitations of traditional screens with this revolutionary innovation aid. People can easily control the fully realistic three-dimensional user interface, they just need to use their hands, eyes and voice. Users can experience a completely different world using these three inputs, the idea doesn’t sound so bad but it sure is challenging.

A user-friendly platform may be easy to execute, but it requires a lot of time and work to make people feel like a whole new world when you put together a device that is a great piece of technology that can be used at home. can be done on Viewed in the open, this home scene is no different from your typical Apple phone. It includes a floating collection of icons that includes some of Apple’s most popular programs, including email, iTunes messaging, and, of course, Safari.

The new device is hardware and controller free which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying a remote with you. Users wanted to make it user friendly when users glance at a certain icon the selected icon can be highlighted by feeling the user site so if you want to open safari you just have to do the gadget and the system automatically will open it.

The gadget is powered by an Apple M2 chip which is equipped with an additional processor called R1 specially designed to process sensor data This Apple Pro also has 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones if Should you need the device more for your ease, it also comes with Optic ID, you can even pair it with a keyboard for easier use, Apple claims it is compatible with Secure Enclave, which means that It will not do any harm to your eyes.

The device also has encrypted data, the company itself has clarified two biggest misconceptions, first that it is safe to use for your eyes and second that if the above features affect you then your data will not go anywhere. If that’s not enough it’s also an amazing tool. It has a display system with a surprisingly high resolution, which is divided into massive pixels. On more than two monitors so you can see everything, this technology guarantees a sense of immersion that really comes to life the more you use it.

It delivers a real-time experience thanks to its exclusive dual-chip design and Apple Vision spatial audio, as well as the exclusive Apple silicon. Pro gives customers the ability to record reviews and delve into their unforgettable experiences with all these amazing features, it cannot be denied that Apple has created a unique product that no other company has ever created.

Got a lot of harsh comments, you know, I think our focus is on building really high-end things, whereas our focus is on it, it’s just that we have a more democratic ethos, we can build those things Can manufacture a wide range of products for those who want to be accessible. Mark Zuckerberg says that Apple has always focused on high-end things that are not affordable for everyone.

Musk doesn’t think so Alan Musk always believes that even if the product has thousands of new features but it is not economical then it is useless Musk. The same strategy he applied with Tesla and all his other products, where he keeps on finding new ways to make the product affordable, he says that technology should be accessible to everyone, Musk called his new product as Apple, He has also taken a dig at the tweet.

The tech is amazing, if it’s so expensive no one will buy it right away . Best meme, she is on point, however another person said, we don’t need to worry about aliens, we have enough problems to deal with on earth, a user replied to the witty tweet.

Looks like this guy has some valid points, Musk liked one of his tweets very much what he needed, he said this is not the first time that Musk and Apple are in rivalry, how did you forget that time , Perhaps when Musk accused Apple. Giving people the freedom to speak in a series of tweets. Elon Musk claimed that Apple is suppressing freedom of speech and monopolizing Mark 8 Musk.

Musk tweeted that Apple has stopped mass marketing on Twitter, does anyone oppose freedom of speech in the United States, Musk also attacked Apple for being openly biased in a few more posts . In a statement later released by Elon Musk, he also demanded that Apple remove all of its censorship-related acts and urged his followers to support him in his fight with the world’s most prominent tech firm.

Elon Musk said that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store and the company. After this statement also failed to give any valid reason, several journalists tried to contact Apple company but none responded to this claim, Musk first indicated his fight with the company in 2015 When he highlighted the fact that Apple hired Tesla misfits. Speaking to German publication Handel Plott, Musk said that he has recruited employees.

We laid siege to the Tesla graveyard, which we usually jokingly call Apple, if you don’t succeed at Tesla you go to Apple, I’m not kidding, in conversation with newcomers. Source Elon Musk shot down rumors that Apple is considering developing its own electric vehicle and mocked some of Apple’s latest offerings, asking have you seen the Apple Watch.

“I’m really pleased that Apple is investing, and yet it’s making relative progress,” Musk said. phone or smartwatch. Automobiles are extremely advanced, you can’t request a vehicle from a manufacturer like Foxconn. In a 2018 interview with Cara Swisher from Recode, Musk claimed that the products made by Apple were out of date and many people seemed to agree with Musk this time.

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