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Elon Musk hosts anti-vax 2024 candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr on Twitter Spaces after disastrous DeSantis event

Elon Musk hosts anti-vax 2024 candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr on Twitter Spaces after disastrous DeSantis event

Elon Musk is set to host a Twitter Space event with 2024 presidential candidate, and anti-vaccine advocate, Robert F Kennedy Jr, just weeks after Ron DeSantis launched his campaign using the feature.

Mr. Kennedy is set to speak with Mr. Musk and David Sachs at 2 p.m. on June 5. EST, same as Mr. DeSantis.

“Set a reminder for my upcoming space with Elon Musk and moderator David Sachs!” Mr Kennedy tweeted on Sunday (June 4) with a link to the incident.

Spaces comes on the tail of Mr. DeSantis’s technically messy event filled with awkward pauses and sudden crashes, which Mr. Sachs attributed to the high volume of listeners.

Mr Musk received some criticism for hosting Mr DeSantis on stage as many believed it was an endorsement of the Florida governor’s campaign. However, he clarified that he would welcome any 2024 presidential candidate into the Twitter space.

Now, Mr. Kennedy, nephew of President John F. Kennedy and son of Robert F. Kennedy, will be the next candidate to join talks with Mr. Musk and Mr. Sachs.

Joining the conversation will be former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan, entrepreneur Omid Malik, author Michael Shellenberger and professional surfer Kelly Slater.

SpaceX Investment From Saudi, UAE Will Change Everything

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, has finally decided to enter into a new partnership with Saudi and UAE-based investors, a move that will rapidly rank SpaceX as the most valuable company in the United States, and not only because That the Saudi partners are the billionaires who influence the most.

Elon Musk will have the edge to spread Tesla and SpaceX’s wings in the Arab world, and this will be a turning point for general use of the Tesla EV, the most lucrative in the Arab nation. , how will this happen and why did Elon Musk decide to take this questionable step of partnering with the Arab nation? Or is this one of those promotions that is going on on Twitter?

Saudi Arabia, an established state, has the largest petroleum reserves and the second largest in the world, while its measured natural gas reserves are the fourth largest in the world. Because Saudi Arabia is currently one of the top exporters of petroleum to other countries, it is sometimes referred to in the media as a “petrostate”.

So, powerful investors on this side of the world clearly have the financial ability to lift any business from the mud to the sky. And luckily, some of Saudi Arabia’s leading investors have decided to join hands with Elon’s space company to elevate space travel to another level. It’s a good move for Starship to get out of the ridiculous financial constraints and get into orbit as soon as possible.

The investors in question are Saudi Arabia’s investment fund and the Abu Dhabi-based company, which is set to join a multibillion-dollar funding round for Elon Musk’s SpaceX, prompting powerful Saudi billionaires interested in investing. And this funding would skyrocket to rank SpaceX as the most valuable rocket maker at nearly $128 billion, and effectively establish SpaceX as one of the largest privately owned companies with multi-billion dollar funding. Will do I will put you ahead of others.

According to two sources accessed by the US technology news outlet, investors were informed by the organizers of the funding round issued by SpaceX and Morgan Stanley that Saudi Arabia’s Water and Electricity Holding Company, which is part of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is a part. (PIF), and Alpha Dhabi from the United Arab Emirates were all involved in the funding round.

However, in January 2023 it was revealed by Investopedia that SpaceX would receive $750 million in a new round of funding, valuing the rocket and satellite internet at $137 billion. On March 23, Musk responded to the report by tweeting “Not True”. Elon Musk appears to have dismissed the Saudi interest, denying the founding agenda and saying the move was just propaganda.

And no common ground has been determined between Saudi Arabian investors and SpaceX. Don’t forget that Elon Musk is known for playing around on Twitter. And his favorite toy landed him in a deadly trial for a scandal that began in 2018 that was related to his Twitter use, and he had to defend his statement in a San Francisco courtroom. Musk’s August 2018 tweet, in which he claimed he had secured financing to take Tesla private.

Are at the center of the examination. His tweets sparked a share frenzy that many of the automaker’s shareholders believe caused them to lose all their investment in the company. Musk made it clear in court that it was impossible to link Tesla’s stock price to his tweets and that tweeting was “the most democratic way” for him to disseminate information. He also said that it was difficult to relate his tweets to Tesla’s share price.

Musk also tried to explain to people that just because he always tweets sensationalism doesn’t mean people should take it seriously. In his own words he said; “Just because I tweet about something doesn’t mean people believe it or will act accordingly,” he told the nine-person jury.

A class-action lawsuit was brought on behalf of shareholders who owned Tesla stock during the volatility in 2018, alleging that Musk had used his platform to commit fraud. How did all these things start? What happened in the year 2028? Musk tweeted on August 7, 2018, that he had “secured funding” for a $72 billion buyout of Tesla and would take the company private at $420 per share.

He bought Twitter four years ago. A few hours later, he tweeted another that many believe is the deal. Musk wrote on Twitter, “Investors have shown their support. The only thing that makes this uncertain is that it depends on how the shareholders vote.” At the time of the tweets, Tesla’s stock was performing poorly and was among the top losers in the market. The company was also facing a lot of problems in production.

The company’s share prices soared immediately after Musk’s tweet, and they continued to rise for 10 days until Musk said there would be no buyout. When Tesla’s stock went up that much, it made short sellers more likely to lose a lot of money. Riyadh played a role in a lawsuit with Musk’s Tesla company, where investors sued Tesla after they claimed they lost money because of statements made by the CEO in 2018. Saudi interest in Musk’s SpaceX is a reflection of Riyadh’s role in the lawsuit.

According to the New York Times, Elon Musk made a sensitive statement in federal court in January when he said that PIF “clearly sought to take Tesla private.” It was a sad statement that put investors who bought Tesla shares under the stress of losing. But Musk hit back and claimed he didn’t mislead or misrepresent his plan to delist Tesla in 2018.

It became clear that the deal was not going to happen, and that it might never happen. Musk paid $40 million to settle with securities regulators, who also asked him to step down as Tesla’s chairman. Musk and Tesla were both charged with civil securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission and each had to pay a fine of $20 million. Shortly after a buying spree in 2018, Tesla started making more cars, and its shares soared as a result.

The company was making so many cars that its stock went up again, making Musk the richest person in the world in 2021. He lost that spot when he bought Twitter last year, but he’s still one of the world’s most powerful billionaires. A horizon, Saudi Arabia is no newbie to the space race. Both Saudi and UAE have invested so much in launching their space industries in the past years and have also partnered with other private space agencies.

Even as early as January 1, 2023, the UAE has successfully sent its second astronaut into space using a SpaceX Dragon capsule named Endeavour. According to the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, the 2023 mission is expected to take Emirati astronauts to the ISS and spend the next six months there, breaking the Arab record as the longest Arab space mission in history.

In addition to its long-term plan for economic and social development, the UAE has declared the space sector as one of its top priorities for the next half-century. According to the UAE Space Agency, the Arab nation has spent nearly $6 billion on space-related work between 2015 and 2021, and the number of contractual agreements for space services increased by 40% in 2020.

Saudi Arabia has announced it will send its first female astronaut, Rayna Barnawi, into space this year for a 10-day mission to the space station with fellow Saudi Ali al-Qarni, according to the country’s official news agency.

Now it seems that almost all the capable countries are not thinking of building a space port in the sky there. According to the Euro-Gulf Information Center, Saudi Arabia’s National Strategy Vision 2030 calls for the country to become involved in space travel and create an ecosystem around the industry. The strategy also calls for the formation of partnerships, which attracted investments of 8 billion riyals.

Amounting to about $2.13 billion in the industry. Thus, we should expect a surprising space project from Arabia in the near future. Do you think Saudi Arabia has any chance to succeed in space this time? Handling this, Elon Musk has just canceled the Starship orbital launch because of this.

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