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Elon Musk fired Esther Crawford, the creator of Twitter Blue who slept in the office to prove her loyalty

Elon Musk fired Esther Crawford, the creator of Twitter Blue who slept in the office to prove her loyalty

“Sleep where you work,” Twitter Blue creator Esther Crawford tweeted last November, when a coworker posted a photo of her wrapped in a sleeping bag, sleeping on a mat and pillow, which resembles a Twitter post.

His “commitment” did not secure him a medium-term position with the company. Esther Crawford is one of the latest victims of Twitter’s ongoing massive layoffs, as first reported by The Platformer’s Zoe Schiffer.

It doesn’t matter that she’s the creator of the paid Twitter subscription that Elon Musk has focused on to increase the company’s revenue, nor how many hours she sleeps in the office instead of in her bed.

Crawford then wrote that “working hard requires sacrifice” and justified sleeping in the office to create something new. Crawford said everyone on Twitter is doing their best and even thanked her family for being understanding of her workload.

But Twitter has removed those messages in just three months. Following Schiffer’s confirmation, The Verge also received confirmation that Crawford was fired “out of commitment”, despite being one of the company’s most prominent product executives. According to The New York Times, about 200 people were affected in the latest series of layoffs that took place on Saturday night.

The staff layoffs are so severe that, according to the same outlet, Twitter will now have fewer than 2,000 employees, meaning a substantial cut compared to 7,500 when Elon Musk took over as head of the network.

After hours of speculation, Crawford tweeted briefly about his position on Sunday night, saying that the worst-case scenario is that his hard work and optimism about the new Twitter could be misplaced. “I am deeply proud of the team for building amid the noise and chaos.”

With a huge reduction in the workforce, it looks like there is light for those who remain a part of Twitter. Company employees who remain at the company after the mass layoffs (which it is not known if they have ended) will receive “significant” compensation in the form of shares, Elon Musk said in a letter sent to employees this Monday. said in. according to the email and which was seen by The Verge.

The letter not only confirms the latest layoffs, which include Crawford, but sets March 24 as the target date for the awards in the form of shares. Of course, Twitter is unsure who will or won’t have a job until then, so it’s impossible to know at this time how many people will benefit.

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