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Elon Musk FINALLY Reveal New Tesla Engine That Defies Physics!

Elon Musk FINALLY Reveal New Tesla Engine That Defies Physics!

Electric vehicles are the future and no one understands this better than the US government which focuses on environmental protection. The current administration is pushing electric mobility to curb carbon emissions, although the government can hardly achieve this goal alone and may seek the help of private individuals.

Elon Musk and with the partnership between them they have produced an electric motor that promises to completely change EVs, what is this new electric motor, what exactly does it offer, stay tuned as we bring you We bring you everything you need to know about the new electric motors. The US and Elon Musk That Changes Everything The US is one of the biggest advocates of climate change action.

Especially with the current administration, in fact on January 20, on his first day in office, President Biden signed the instrument to withdraw the United States of America into the Paris Agreement. The United States officially became a party again under the terms of the agreement; the country’s immediate predecessor to the agreement pulled out in 2017, but it took effect three years later on the day of the US election, which he ultimately elected to elect. Will lose showing his dedication to the vehicles.

The administration wasted no time in announcing its plans to electrify the entire federal fleet. No small commitment as there are some 645 000 vehicles in the federal fleet, they include roughly two million passenger vehicles seventy eight thousand five hundred and seventeen heavy duty trucks forty seven thousand three hundred and sixty nine vans 847 ambulances and three limousines Federal vehicles each year Nearly 4.5 billion miles are driven using approximately 400 million gallons of gasoline and spewing out more than 7 billion pounds of greenhouse gases that warm the planet.

Percent of automobiles sold in the United States President Biden wants to use purse power to promote American manufacturers of green products, although this is not the end of the US government’s effort to promote electric cars, Press. The buildback better package signed into law by the U.S. would provide more incentives to help consumers pay.

Along with EVs, at-home charging infrastructure will also help expand public charging, easing not only typical drivers’ minds, but businesses providing delivery and other services Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Jumpstart offers $7.5 billion to achieve Biden’s goal. 500 000 EV charges nationwide by 2030 It also includes incentives of up to 12 500 for electric vehicle buyers, but what good are all these policies if there is no electric car.

Owners wanting to buy it is where the private sector or more accurately the EV industry comes in and one of the champions of the industry, Elon Musk as CEO of Tesla, the largest EV maker by volume globally, is yet to determine when. Tesla is very impressive when it comes to. Tesla is responsible for many of the big steps in the EV space towards the EV industry, in fact Tesla basically carried the entire industry on its back until other automakers came along to thank Musk’s company lithium-ion batteries. Not convinced enough.

A new chapter in EVs promising longer driving range, shorter charging times and enhanced safety and Tesla isn’t stopping yet as it has announced a new battery that beats everything else when it comes to production So Tesla is also moving forward. The company prefers to handle most of its manufacturing internally thereby developing processes that allow it to speed up manufacturing while keeping costs down. An example i its giga press which will make a car chassis out of only two parts car assembly thanks to its continuous research and development,

Tesla now has an invention that will revolutionize the ev industry and all forms of transportation that can use battery power the innovation is the carbon sleeved electric motor the motor is also called a carbon wrapped motor musk is very interested in this new motor proud and can’t stop admiring it he said this is the first production electric motor with a carbon overwrap Elon also likes to point out how the new motor was hard to do because carbon and copper have different thermal expansion rates To achieve this goal the carbon overwrap rotor needs to be wound at extremely high tension to achieve this.

Elon said the team had to design a whole new machine capable of producing the rotor. This was a first because no such machine had ever existed before, although it did give Tesla another ability to make the electromagnetic field super efficient. having a tight gap even at extremely high revolutions per minute or rpm some more details about how the fiber is wound it is wound on a high tension load over the rotor wound machine which was made by tesla automation Tesla Automation is in Germany was established in 1983 as Gromann Engineering.

It became Tesla Automation in 2016 and is headquartered in Prune, Germany. It is undergoing significant expansion, as indicated by reports from electric vehicle owners in the region, especially in line with increased activity at the facility. is expected to happen. As soon as the Gigafactory Berlin starts its local operations, the carbon sleeve needs to put the copper rotor under compression or it will loosen at low temperatures, this difference is due to thermal expansion, the biggest advantage of the new motor That carbon sleeve rotor creates a strong electromagnetic field.

Compared to the metal rotor put together by Elon Musk, it is said that these are usually made with higher strength stays. Another advantage is that the rotor can go at higher rpm because the carbon sleeve protects the copper rotor from radical acceleration. Due to the fact that this prevents expansion, the motors are small enough to be lifted by a single person while also being able to achieve high RPMs for one of the beneficiaries.

Motor Tesla’s all-electric supercar is The Roadster This was the first car made by Tesla, but its production was discontinued, now Tesla is bringing EV better and fast and it was rapidly developed from the ground. Is. When the internal combustion engine car was unveiled at the end of 2017, Musk announced that the next generation roadster would have a 10 000 newton meter wheel torque which is already very impressive in itself. In the model S, which would have achieved high performance based on small form factor alone.

But now the company has a better electric motor with a highest maximum RPM. Roadster with your SpaceX Infused Tech and 620 Mile Range can actually stand above the model S plaid as you will expect from a car to expect from a Car SpaceX package to the OSTS above two hundred thousand dollars in the new roadster new roadster 1.1 seconds in 1.1 seconds Will do zero from 60 mph, although it is not only a super expensive roadster that benefits from the new carbon-lipted motor. The model S is already using the new motor in the plaid version allows it to achieve the title of the world’s fastest production car that was first introduced about 10 years ago.

Model S received a new plant version in June last year. The upgrade includes a group of upcoming vehicles and upcoming vehicles in the new motor Tesla and they are really suitable for the new powerful motor. Cyber truck is a monster pickup truck for example that is made of stainless steel, it is so large It requires very powerful electric motors especially for top trim tesla. Top model that promises acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.

Although Tesla has revealed that it will release a four motor model F. Tesla can make a cyber truck even faster using its new electric motor, another major candidate for the new carbon -wrapped motor is also a semi truck. It is a class 8 electric truck required to speed up from 0 to 60 mph to use four independent motors. During loading with 80 000 pound payload in 20 seconds, it also requires all power, it can get to speed up speed in all different routes, this trucking will be deployed at a time There is a conscious business.

Ardh should be highly capable of making one. Certainly in Tesla’s industry, Mark is designed to pull the truck the lowest, but it has not canceled the need for powerful electric motors beyond EVS Musk, he has indicated that he has indicated That he wants to design an electric jet. But this burn fossil fuel, which we can imagine that it does not go down well with her, we can imagine that carbon can give power to a motor. Alone Musk is already a powerful light and a safe new battery.

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