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Elon Musk emails Twitter employees at 2:30 am to tell them that office is not optional, details here

Elon Musk emails Twitter employees at 2:30 am to tell them that office is not optional, details here

Elon Musk emailed his employees at 2:30 and he wanted to remind them that the office was not optional, and Elon Musk has often emailed his employees at odd hours. It’s not unusual for Elon Musk to email his employees in the middle of the night.

The new owner of Twitter often shares important information related to the company through late night emails. Recently, according to reports, Musk reminded his Twitter employees that coming to the offices is ‘not optional’ after seeing that one of the company’s offices in San Francisco was ‘half empty’ the day before.

Elon Musk’s email to employees at 2:30
According to a report by originally attributed to the platform’s managing editor, Zoe Schiffer’s tweet, Musk mailed Twitter employees at 2:30 am saying ‘the office is not optional’. He further wrote in the email that the Twitter office in San Francisco was ‘half empty’ the day before.

Ever since Musk took over as Twitter’s new CEO, the company has seen several major changes. The number of employees has been reduced from the previous 7,500 employees to about 2,000, one of them.

Lay off on twitter
Layoffs at Twitter have been happening at a rapid pace since Elon Musk took over as the new CEO. The first thing the Tesla boss did after assuming his new role was to sack the company’s previous CEO, Parag Agarwal, along with a few other senior executives.

The layoffs at Twitter began in early November when about 3,700 employees were let go as Musk tried to cut costs at the company. The layoffs continued till this year and the latest round took place only last month.

In a surprising move, Musk laid off nearly 200 people in the last week of February. It was reported that product managers, data scientists and engineers were mostly affected by the move. Reports also said that the monetization infrastructure team was reduced from 30 to less than eight people. Twitter Blue head Esther Crawford was also fired, despite having committed to helping Musk build Twitter 2.0.

A picture of her also went viral on social media in which she is seen taking a nap in a sleeping bag in Twitter’s office. Several Twitter employees learned they were being let go when they were denied access to their work laptops and emails.

What’s new on Twitter?
Twitter will soon remove the legacy blue tick mark from people. Legacy blue ticks are what some people have found as their mark of authenticity. Before Musk took to Twitter, the precious blue tick was reserved for a select few who met a certain criteria. There was no charge for the same.

However, after the acquisition by Elon Musk, anyone can buy blue ticks by subscribing to Twitter Blue. Not only this, people can also hide the fact that they have bought a blue tick by subscribing to Twitter Blue.

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