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Elon Musk Distances Himself From Tucker Carlson After Tucker Announces New Show On Twitter

Elon Musk Distances Himself From Tucker Carlson After Tucker Announces New Show On Twitter

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a surprise announcement Tuesday that he would be launching a new show on Twitter, signaling a breakdown in talks to reach a severance agreement with the network, where he is still under contract.

In a three-minute monologue delivered directly to camera on Twitter, Carlson announced, “We’re back,” but gave no details about the content, format or release date of his new program.


It’s also unclear whether Twitter CEO Elon Musk has any role in the production of the show or whether Carlson will be compensated for his work, but Musk was quick to clarify their relationship.

In response to Carlson’s tweet, Elon Musk said that “we haven’t signed any kind of deal,” implying that the two have yet to reach an agreement. Elon Musk called Carlson’s tweet “misleading”. Said and clarified that Carlson will be just a content creator on the platform.


Tucker is subject to the same rules [and] rewards as all content creators, Rewards means subscription and advertising revenue share, which is a function of how many people subscribe and the ad views associated with the content.









I hope many others, especially those on the left, would also like to become content creators on this platform. Where Carlson was previously a prime-time host, he has the power to block any attempts to return to the network, and it is uncertain whether his contract with Fox allows him to host a show on an alternative platform. .

Musk has been advocating for content creators to adopt Twitter as their sole distribution channel, and the platform recently unveiled subscription functions aimed at generating substantial revenue while reducing reliance on advertising.

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