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Elon Musk could make a significant impact in everyone’s lives with Tesla and SpaceX products

Elon Musk disrupts every industry he ventures into, except someone rumored that the next big war could be cyber warfare and that social media as well as hacking would play a key role in winning it, undoubtedly Elon Musk’s Twitter.

With Tesla and SpaceX products that he can make a significant impact and prevent every war as he did with Ukraine with his Starlink firm. Want to know more about it stay tuned till the end.

It is known that the recent acquisition of Twitter 9.2 by Elon Musk a week after his announcement made him one of the top shareholders, after which he is the most important and largest shareholder given the experience of the tech billionaire. To make the entire social media platform private, he has offered to buy it.

We expect Twitter to benefit greatly from their acquisition. As someone who uses social media frequently, Musk is equally innovative, especially when it comes to developing or improving things over time.

Elon Musk said that Twitter is becoming a town square of sorts for people to speak freely and that within the law they must have a realization and at the same time a belief that they can speak freely.

The news that Tesla’s boss bought Twitter is therefore being offered, no doubt why Musk’s offer to buy Twitter made him one of the top news post-acquisition of the tech entrepreneur and social networking site . 9.2 stake in the company He announced his intention not to join the company’s board of directors.

In addition, Elon Musk acquired the stake in March and became Twitter’s largest shareholder after nearly 3 buys, shortly after Vanguard Group increased its stake and pushed it to the top of the charts, as Twitter’s CEO. The company has placed a bid to buy 100.

His followers and supporters on the social media platform expressed even more concern that the world’s richest man would be adding Twitter to Tesla founder Elon Musk’s wealth after learning that he might be owed, though they say That he is not only in other words.

He does not see acquisition as a profit-making activity, but as a service that is beneficial to the whole world. He wrote a letter to Twitter President Brett Taylor that he invested in Twitter because he believed it could be the platform.

Free speech around the world and his belief that free speech is a social imperative to democracy, he revealed his ambition to buy shares early throughout his letter, and that Musk currently believes the social media company cannot independently develop and support.

Exchange of Views in His Current Status Those of you familiar with Twitter operations will agree with Tesla boss Peacock’s position. Sometimes you have to understand that while Elon Musk is committed to freedom of expression, his support for it is unwavering.

Elon Musk said several weeks ago that governments around the world have asked Starling to block Russian news sources, but he refused outright because he says we want to accuse him of being authoritarian when it comes to freedom of expression. will threaten. The billionaire apologized despite several Russian sanctions after the violence.

Elon Musk feels it is wrong to deny him the right to freedom of speech in addition to the current restrictions, saying he is offering to buy 100 Twitter for cash at 54.20 per share, the first to start investing in Twitter one of the people.

38 Premium A day before the public announcement of his investment, Musk said his offer was his best and last, and that he would have to reconsider his position as a shareholder if it was not accepted.

He taught Morgan Stanley as a finance. He later said at TED 2022 that he didn’t want to buy Twitter for profit.

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