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Elon Musk calls out pronoun declarations as ‘virtue-signaling’ that bad people use as a ‘shield’

Elon Musk calls out pronoun declarations as 'virtue-signaling' that bad people use as a 'shield'

The rapid rise of radical left-wing gender ideology in recent years has led to a bizarre trend of people declaring their preferred pronouns. Billionaire business tycoon Elon Musk has described the pronoun phenomenon as “virtue-signalling” and suggested that bad guys use them as “shields”.

Musk tweeted, “Pronouns are virtues, so inevitably, as with all virtues, they will be used as shields by evil humans.” “In any event, good manners require using the person’s name, not their pronoun, when referring to them,” he said.

Musk made the comments in response to tweets about a suspect in a child pornography case who recently committed suicide the person apparently included pronouns on his Instagram profile.

New Haven Police Chief Carl Jacobson informed Hearst Connecticut Media Group last week that the suspect in the child pornography investigation committed suicide. Tim Yergue killed himself days after his neighbor’s home was accidentally raided by officers investigating a child pornography case, but media reports indicated the police chief declined to confirm that.

However, the Hartford Courant reported that Jacobson confirmed that Yergue was a suspect in the raid related to child pornography. The Courant reported that Jacobson said an internal affairs investigation would look into how the two raids were carried out and whether the raid on Yergue’s apartment may have influenced his decision to commit suicide.

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Yergue briefly worked for Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, and she includes the pronouns “he/him/her” on her Instagram profile.

Elon Musk also recently tweeted, “Any parent or doctor who sterilizes a child before they reach the age of consent should go to jail for life.”

“Doctors should know better but my parents were lied to and forced into surgery and hormones by a team of experts,” Chloe Cole wrote in response to Musk’s post. “They were told ‘do you want a dead daughter or a living son?’ This was before the debate started and before Covid, so they got what they needed.

Doctors should be trusted more than this. There’s a line between good-natured but deceitful parents and parents who are violating their children for the sake of social clout. Elon Musk agreed with Cole, writing, “Well said.”

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